What's the Difference Between a Small Business Coach and a Consultant?

Like a sports coach, a small business coach works on bringing out the best that's already inside you. In small business coaching, we focus on the "bigger picture" of what it is you want to create for your business (and your lifestyle) and talk about what will keep you motivated to move forward on your dreams, goals and tasks. We focus on developing YOU to your highest potential, as well as developing your business. A coach encourages you, supports you, applauds you, empathizes with you. We help you to discover honest insights into where things aren't working. We help you tap the "wisdom within."

The net result of small business coaching is that you create a fool-proof plan for moving forward, and the coach partners with you and supports you in actualizing that plan. This creates success in your self-employed business.

In consulting for the self employed, I come to the partnership as an expert, whether it be in small business marketing, web design, business strategy planning, or starting a business. I teach you skills, like better time management or better Internet marketing techniques. After careful discussion and analysis of what results you're looking to achieve, we create a strong plan of action to move you swiftly towards your goals.

The focus of consulting is to get a project done that will enhance your business.

There is a good analogy that illustrates the difference between a small business coach and a consultant

  • A business coach will help you understand how and why you ride a bicycle, help you to determine what's holding you back from riding properly, and jog along next to you as YOU ride.
  • A business consultant will explain why one bike is superior to another, teach you how to ride the bike, and if necessary, ride the bike for you.

Which one is best for you is based on your needs and values, as well your time constraints and deadlines.

I often work in "hybrid" mode, as a coach-consultant. This means that I offer you the best of both coaching and consulting:

  • advice and expertise when you need it
  • new business and marketing skills to keep you sharp
  • motivation and brainstorming when you're stuck
  • insight to build you and your business to your highest potential

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What Clients Say...

Tara Bowling

The motivation and energy I feel after talking and working with Karyn is priceless. Her excitement on the phone calls was incredible. I would not be in the position I am with my business had I not had her support. This program is worth a million dollars!

—Tara Bowling
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What Clients Say...

J. Val Hastings

Since we began this process in early February I've jumped from 8 clients to 23 paying clients -- with 8 prospective client inquiries this past week! I believe the combination of the new web sites we designed together and the marketing planning work you had me do is what made the difference. Thanks!

—J. Val Hastings
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