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Do Women Small Business Owners Treat Their Employees Better?

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Yes, according to an article by Aliza Pilar Sherman. For instance, some women business owners allow their employees to purchase clothing for an important client meeting and expense it to the business. Wow, wouldn’t I have loved that when I worked as an employee??

And the perks keep on coming: free flu shots, time off to spend with family, breakfast and afternoon snacks. The reason? Happy employees make productive and loyal employees.

She suggests, of course, that you don’t become the “business Mommy” to your employees, but rather offer them perks that genuinely help them have a good work/life balance and are meaningful to them. Whether you have employees, or hire subcontractors like a virtual assistant or website designer, ask yourself, “What small thing can I do to help this person have a better work experience while working with me?”

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