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The Tiny Shoes Story (And Why You Need To Know It)

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I heard a good metaphor from Fred Gleeck that I want to share with you. There is a clear distinction between using the “info guru” marketing technique and having little shoes shaken out of your head. Read on:


Many years ago I used to tell a story when I did consulting seminars. To illustrate an important point, I’d like to share it with you.

Let’s assume that for the last 20 years you’ve bought your shoes at Thom Mccann. Let’s say that tomorrow you go into one of their retail stores, pick out a couple of pairs of shoes and bring them up to the cashier. You place them on the counter and when the clerk looks up at you, you say:

“Since I’ve been buying shoes here at Thom Mccann for the last 20 years I think I deserve these two pairs of shoes for FREE today . . . what do you think?”

If this were a New York City store the cashier would look at you and say: “You can put your shoes rightoverhere!”

No dice!

When you are an expert in your field, people will try and “extract” information from you for free. When someone contacts you by email, over the phone, or when they meet you in person, people will make their best effort to get FREE STUFF from you.

Inside your head there are racks with lots of tiny little shoes – your inventory.

Just like Thom Mccann, you sell something. You sell your knowledge and expertise. That’s your inventory. Giving away your inventory on a regular basis will land you in bankruptcy court. It may be prudent to occasionally give away a pair of shoes in hopes of getting a large order. But you must be VERY careful when and how often you choose to do that.

So WHEN this happens to you I want to imagine that the person who tries to do it to you has grabbed you by the lapels and is shaking you. While they are shaking you, they have their hands open under your ears as they wait for the tiny shoes (your inventory) to fall out of your ears and into their hands.

They are looking to STEAL your inventory!

Don’t let them do it.

If your knowledge and expertise is what you sell, don’t let people steal your inventory. It’s how you make your living. Instead, answer people very directly when you get this kind of routine.

Tell people that you know what they’re doing. Bust them. Say something like: “I would love to give you the answers to some of those questions and will be happy to do so once you are a paying client . . . . how would you like to pay for my services? Would a check work or would Paypal be better for you?”

Stop giving your services away for free.


Fred Gleeck is an expert in the field of Information Marketing and Seminar Marketing. He’s the author of 10+ books and is an accomplished coach and consultant. Fred is known as the “King of Content.”


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Creating Your Reality

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Back in 1998, I wrote an article entitled, “Creating Your Reality, Manifesting Your Dreams.”

So many people that I’ve spoken with in the past month are echoing these questions about how to create the life you want, so I decided to republish the article here.


It has been said that nothing in the world has ever been created without a thought initiating the process. Thomas Edison made hundreds of attempts at the light bulb before he found success. When asked why he kept persevering, he replied, “For each attempt that failed and was discarded, it put me one step closer to the one experiment that would succeed.” For each thought, each belief, that created a reality that wasn’t quite right, a new thought took its place, creating a better reality.

We’ve all heard of these success-from-failure stories and they often help to motivate us to try our personal best, to keep persevering. But how can we keep trying in the face of overwhelming odds? How do we get past the negative beliefs, the distractions, the lack of support from our family and friends? What can we do when we’re tired of trying? What if we don’t know what our soul wants?

Your thoughts do create your reality, and in learning to modify your old, entrenched thought patterns, you can modify your reality. There are three ways to modify our thoughts. First, changing your attitudes and beliefs about your current reality often shifts your focus and awareness so that you can begin to find peace in your life. Second, creating an image or thought of the new reality you want to create and keep that in focus as you go about your day. Third, through psychotherapy, gain insight into the birth of the thought and heal it.

Setting Priorities

The first step in creating your own reality is to determine which reality you’re looking for. Often we don’t reach our dreams because we never have a clear idea of what dreams are the most important to us. What is it you want most in this lifetime? Vital good health? A loving and supportive mate? Success in your business or career? A nice home? Spiritual enlightenment? Freedom from emotional turmoil? An opportunity to study with a master?


Read the full article here:

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Sending Junk Fax Just Got Easier

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According to this article on MSNBC, the FCC has loosened rules on sending junk faxes. Basically, if you give someone your fax number, that constititutes a “business relationship,” and they can fax you any offer they want. Here’s the kicker: if you have your fax number on your website, business cards, or brochures, that also constititutes public display and people use those items to gather fax numbers unless you specifically indicate that you do not accept unsolicited faxes.

I guess it’s time for all of us to update our websites!

You can read more about it here:

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