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Videos of Napoleon Hill’s TV Series

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Napoleon Hill was the first person to coin the phrase “master mind alliance,” a group of peers who worked together to create success for each other. His principles of success found in his books are timeless, and a must-read for anyone looking for personal or professional development.

In the 1960s, Napoleon Hill, author of “Think And Grow Rich” appeared on a series of television shows, talking about his principles of success. Even thought Think and Grow Rich as first published in 1937, the ideas are as fresh today as they were then. (Truth is eternal, eh?) You’ll find these TV shows on YouTube and on Netflix.


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Motivational Minute: Never Give Up with Jack Canfield

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Graphics Matter in Marketing

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I did an interesting test over the past few months, with astonishing results.

I sell an ebook about mastermind groups on three of my sites. I’ve been tracking the sales results for 4 years, across three different sites. Conversion rates (the percent of people who purchase as compared to the total number who view the page) ranges from 2% to 14%, depending on which site.

A second edition of the ebook was launched this year, and on each site I used this book cover graphic, with the “second edition” graphic on it:


Six weeks ago, I ran a test, removing the current book cover graphic and replacing it with the exact same book cover, but WITHOUT the “second edition” graphic on it, like this:


An amazing thing happened: conversion rates FELL by 75% using the plain book cover without the “second edition” graphic.

I did not change the book cover graphic on the other two sites, and their conversion rates remained stable.

Conclusion: People who visited the article page felt more trust when an ebook was in it’s 2nd edition, deducing that an ebook that had been updated was a popular ebook that contained up-to-date information.

As we know, trust is a key element in marketing, especially ecommerce. What are you doing to instill trust in your site visitors?

You can see the new graphic in place in the article, here:

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For All Mastermind Group Facilitators!

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I just created a new “fan page” on Facebook for The Success Alliance.

Here’s an online space where Mastermind Group Facilitators can gather and share, and learn tips and techniques for starting and running their mastermind groups:

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