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Website Startup: What Do I Need For My New Website?

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In this episode of Ask Karyn Anything, Tom asks what he needs to get started with his own website.

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Not Doing What You Should? Here’s Why

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Have you ever known what you needed to do to create the life and business of your dreams, but somehow you just never got around to doing what needed to be done?

After many failed diet attempts, I realized that I wasn’t going to lose weight unless I took a look at why I wanted to be slimmer. I wrote a “decision tree” of two things:  all the reasons I wanted to lose weight, and all the reasons I didn’t want to lose weight. The results were startling…

Reasons To Go On a Diet and Lose Weight

  • Less stress on heart, lungs
  • Less stress on joints, decrease risk of getting Osteoarthritis
  • Less stress on kidneys, intestines, stomach
  • Lower risk of heart attack
  • Lower risk of stroke
  • Lower risk of cancer
  • Look, feel better
  • Fit into clothing comfortably
  • Able to walk, hike, exercise without struggle
  • Feel sexier, more confident
  • Less foot, knee, hip pain
  • Can go to the beach and enjoy myself without feeling like a cow
  • Can find and buy better quality clothing; to feel good while trying on clothing
  • Improved concentration, memory, balance
  • More energy
  • Aids in the production of antibodies
  • To properly utilize fats, carbohydrates and proteins in my diet
  • To relieve irritability
  • Prevent excessive deposits of fat in the liver
  • Less back pain
  • To have space between my stomach and the tray on the airplane.
  • To be able to wear shorts in the summer
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • To be able to buy underwear at Victoria’s Secret
  • So I can cross my legs
  • To feel strong and fit

Reasons to NOT Go On a Diet

  • I don’t want to


I know…you’re saying the second list is too short. No, it’s not. No matter what excuse or limiting belief I wrote on the second list, I ended up crossing it out and returning to “I don’t want to do it.”

Harsh? Perhaps, a little. But I firmly believe if you want something badly enough, you will move Heaven and Earth to get it. You will clear your limiting beliefs. You will cast aside your reasons why you can’t do it, or can’t be it, or can’t have it. You will face your fears,  face your personality quirks, and move forward anyway.

People are constantly asking me how I get so much done in my business, how I created such a successful business. The answer is simple: I wanted it strongly enough. Still do. Every day.

Want some inspiration along these lines? Read Berton Braley’s poem, Success. It’s the poem that Les Brown recites in nearly every one of his speeches.

As my grandma used to say, “Actions speak louder than words.” Saying you want something isn’t as powerful as taking action towards that goal.

So, what are your reasons for wanting a thriving, profitable business, and what are your reasons for NOT wanting it? I’d be interested to see if your second list is similar to mine.

P.S. I started Weight Watchers in January and have lost 16 pounds in 14 weeks. Guess I wanted to after all. 🙂

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Pay Close Attention or Your Feet Will Get Wet

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Aly and I spent the day at the beach on Sunday. Having been to the NJ Shore many times before, I had a sort of sixth-sense about which waves would come up higher on the beach and soak our feet, and when it was safe to walk on the hard-pack sand near the water’s edge. But Aly wasn’t used to walking on the Atlantic Coast beach and he couldn’t gauge the waves.
I tried to explain it to him and found that something I thought I was doing naturally and almost intuitively, really did come from experience and pattern-matching. I had to make a conscious effort to try to decipher the “rules” about how I knew which waves were safe and which waves needed to be scampered away from, before our feet got wet. I looked for patterns so I could explain it to Aly. Once he got it, he became quite proficient at spotting foot-soaker waves.
I think we do know the “rules” or “clues” about what works in our lives and businesses, and what doesn’t. But from time-to-time, we have to make a conscious effort to pay attention to the clues and their consequences.

One of the women in my mastermind group, Susan, tells a story about how she sensed that a new employee wasn’t going to work out, but still kept training her and hoping that the new employee would change. Finally Susan paid attention to the pattern of her own feelings (hoping that someone would change, hoping that training and guidance would help) and the results she was getting in her business (the real-life actions of the new employee), she was able to let her new employee go, even though she didn’t have a replacement. And guess what? A new, perfect employee showed up from an unexpected source within a few weeks!
Sometimes we first realize that we’re not paying attention to the clues when we notice that we’re not getting what we want (we already have wet feet or a poor business relationship). Then we can work backwards, figuring out what caused that unpleasant feeling/situation, and make a decision to change in another direction. If we do this often enough, the clues and pattern-matching becomes internalized and we recognize much more quickly when something isn’t right in our world — and make a change sooner and more skillfully.
And when someone shares their story with us (thank you, Susan, for sharing your story), we can refresh our memory of the lessons inherent in the story, remembering the clues again. For me, next time I come across a person who is “not quite a good fit” in my life or business, I’ll be less likely to believe (hope) they will eventually change, and instead seek to find a more compatible friend/colleague/client/employee.

Where do you pay close attention to the patterns in your thoughts, feelings and perceptions? And where have you been avoiding paying attention to patterns and trends that need revisiting?

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How to Select the Right Domain Name

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In this episode of Ask Karyn Anything, Lori asks about how to choose the right domain name for your business and your brand. Watch the video for some great ideas!

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Is My Target Audience Big Enough?

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In this episode of Ask Karyn Anything, Claude asks about assessing competition and determining if his target audience of customers is big enough to support his business idea. Watch the video for some great ideas!

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