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Be Daring – Ask People to Unsubscribe

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Today I’m sending an email to my entire mailing list, asking them if they’re receiving two emails from me — and suggesting that they unsubscribe from one (or both!) in order to help them deal with email and information overload.

Here’s how it happens: someone signs up for your mailing list by registering for a free class. Next month, you offer a free ebook, or a paid membership, and they sign up again, but this time with a different email address. Now they’re getting TWO emails from you each time you send your email newsletter.

So once in a while, it helps if you tell them how to unsubscribe from one of those email addresses (gasp!). If you’re using a automated system like,, or, those sytems should be putting unsubscribe info at the bottom of all your emails automatically — but people don’t know to scroll to the very BOTTOM of an email to find that unsubscribe link.

Before you send out a “Are You Getting Two Emails From Me?” broadcast, pause and check your OWN feelings. Are you scared that people may unsubscribe and reduce the size of your list? Or are you feeling that you’re doing them a service by inviting them to unsub?

I know it can be scary. What if they didn’t like what you’ve been writing all along in your email newsletter? What if they don’t want to hear from you anymore? Does it mean they don’t like you? Does it mean the end of your business?

Take a deep breath.

Repeat after me.

“It’s GOOD when people get off my mailing list. They unsubscribe for many, many reasons, some which have nothing to do with me. Those who are interested in what I have to share WILL stay on my mailing list. I trust in the intelligence of people that they will do what’s right for them – an ultimately, what’s right for me, too.”

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Bigger Audience, New Service: Doreen Amatelli’s Business Redesign Story

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Meet Doreen Amatelli, who is right on the verge of launching her redesigned business. I spoke with Doreen about her journey to rethink and reinvent her business and how she plans to take it in a different direction.

She started her first business as a career coach in 2004. She says, “It fit my lifestyle, it was very flexible, it allowed me to work at home and out of the corporate rat race. So I thought that was exactly what I wanted.”

She built her coaching business into a successful, full-time practice. “I did have a thriving practice where I was having my ideal clients come to me very focused on their career development and career aspirations, initially. But then they’d get laid off and our coaching went from being very strategic and open ended and adventure-filled, to very tactical. Clients would say ‘That’s great that I have all these dreams but I really need to get a job by next week.'”

What’s Next?

Within four years of starting her business, Doreen started to think, What’s next for me and my business? She says, “There is a little bit more of me that I wanted to give. I’m in my early 40s and I feel I want to say something: I want to be more informative. I want to share the tools and information I’ve learned over the years with more people. And that’s where my redesign started.”

Because of the changing needs of her clients and her own changing needs, Doreen started to explore new possibilities. She was still 100% committed to personal development topics, but as she puts it, “It’s just the model in which I deliver the services that is changing for me.”

She knew what she didn’t want, but wasn’t sure what she did want. It was a confusing time for her and she did a lot of journaling and working with her own coach to sort through the issues. “I just felt confused and I felt kind of lost — like there was a little bit of a grieving process in there for me. Here’s that dream that I thought I finally found and basically told the world about it, and now I’m not wanting to do that dream business anymore.”

Her Redesign Journey

In her journey through the business redesign phases, she came to realize that she loved when she worked with clients who were open to exploring themselves and what they wanted. Experience had taught Doreen a way to guide them through this process. She also discovered that she loved to teach most of all. “There are tried and true practices that have worked for my clients — and have worked for me, too — why not share that? I wanted a business model where I could impart that knowledge on a regular basis and provide those guidelines and tools to people on more of a massive scale than just one-on-one.”

It took her six months to find clarity on the services she’d offer and her exact target audience. Now she’s positioning herself as a workshop and seminar leader, offering workshops within corporations, and to the public through associations and groups.

Is her redesign process over? “I wouldn’t say I’m finalized, not ready to Put the Pen Down yet. It’s still a work in progress. I’m pursuing my dream but with a lot more experience and realism behind it. My feet are on the ground even though I can see the dream out there that I’m still committed to.”

Is she giving up coaching? Not exactly. She’s taking everything she’s learned as a coach and taking it up a notch. She says, “It’s almost like I gave myself a promotion.”

How About You?

Got a business redesign story? Share it in the comments! I’d love to hear about your journey.

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Another Icky Marketing Email

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For your amusement…

Another email from another icky marketer; my “comments and edits” are in brackets [ ]


Dear Sir [sigh–“Madam,” if you please]

I would like to offer you a partnership with my seo company [funny — I already offer SEO to my clients. I’m listening…maybe you’ve got an amazing offer that will sweep me off my feet??] .

As i [hey, capitalize “i” when refering to yourself] understand that your goal is to help business owner to increase their profits and expand the business exposure, we want to offer you a partnership deal [wait for it, wait for it].

If your clients are interested to order our internet promotion service, you can recommend us and we will provide them a quality service with an affordable price. We will share [with] you a very generous commission per sale [golly, so tempting, how can I refuse?]. We offer a wide variety of service such as website design, website promotion, online consulting, and many more. [That’s funny…WE offer the same thing! We must be related. Mommy! He’s copying meeee!]

Let me know if you are interested [ummm…no, thanks. And may I wish you the utmost success in your business ventures?]


I have to laugh at these people. Do they really think someone will respond to an email like this? Well, at least it cheered up my blah Friday. 🙂


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