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Are Gasoline Prices Eating Into Your Profits?

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With the surge in gasoline prices lately, self employed people are wondering how these higher prices will effect their bottom line. Certainly you’ll pay more at the pump, and if you do a lot of road travel as part of your business, this can really add up. In addition, the cost of your supplies may increase as trucking companies and shippers also get hit with higher fuel costs.

One thing you can do is shop around for the least expensive gasoline in your area. and allow you to check out the prices in your area, and save up to 40 cents per gallon by just going to a different gas station. For instance, in my area, I can get gasoline in a nearby town for 30 cents less per gallon than a town just 10 minutes away. Sometimes it’s easy as going to a different gas station on a different street in the same town.

As always, try to economize by running all your errands at the same time. Better yet, try to order as much over the Internet, like office supplies and equipment, and save the trip to the store. Many online stores have free shipping, so you’ll save the cost of gas PLUS the cost of your time running around to stores.

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Should You Write Your Own Ezine Articles?

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A recent discussion on a message board got my attention. The discussion was about writing your own articles for your ezine, versus using one of the free ones by another author which you can find on the articles banks.

When I work with small business clients, whether they’re marketing locally or nationally, I often encourage them to either write their own content or have it ghost-written by a professional writer. They are trying to create a public image as an expert is some field, and having your own by-line on articles in your ezine helps build that reputation (as does public speaking and teaching). Having someone else’s by-line on articles in your ezine can never build your own personal reputation, no matter the content of the article. And, worse, might possibly distract the reader to visit the guest author’s website instead of your own.

At the very least, I encourage my clients to include one of their own articles PLUS an article written by someone else who is complementary to their business. For instance, a chiropractor might include one of her own articles, plus an article written by a massage therapist or nutrionist.

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