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Libraries Offering Audiobook and Ebook Downloads

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In a move that’s a real boon for the self-employed small business owners, local libraries are signing up for a service that allows patrons to download audio books and ebooks, essentially allowing you to “borrow” them from the library for a set period of time. Many of these are accessible through your Kindle.

Self-employed people need to keep up with their education, and audiobooks and ebooks are a great way to catch up on your business and self-development reading. Imagine: even if you only devote one hour per week to learning new skills and techniques, that’s over FIFTY hours of education a year!

Check with your local library to see if they have this service, and if they don’t, request it. You may find that your local branch doesn’t have the service, but the main library in your city or county does. Also check out the colleges and universities to see if they have a service you can use. Many colleges allow their alumni (and, sometimes, local residents) access to the library and all its services, and since this is an internet-based service, it doesn’t matter if you live near your alma mater or not.

As a person that’s addicted to audiobooks, ebooks and education in general, I’ve fallen in love with this service!

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The Imposter Syndrome

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Do you feel like a fake? Are you waiting for the day that someone will discover that all your success was brought about by luck?

You’re not alone.

According to this article in Inc. Magazine, as many as 70% of all people feel like a fake at some time. Back in the 1970’s, psychologists studied this phenomenon, dubbed “The Imposter Syndrome.”

The Imposter Syndrome is divided into three sub-categories:

  • Feeling like a fake
  • Attributing success to luck
  • Discounting and downplaying success

And it isn’t just new entrepreneurs that feel this way. It’s the high-achievers and the already-successful who suffer the most. According to an article from Harvard Business Review, there are ways to overcome your Imposter feelings.

This topic came up recently at one of my mastermind group meetings. A mastermind participant, a highly-successful and sought-after author and entrepreneur, said she was just waiting for someone to discover that she didn’t know anything, really, about her topic because she didn’t have a Ph.D. Although she’s written three books on the topic, has studied it for over 15 years, has major sponsorship endorsements from large corporations, and an education and product line to go along with the books, she still felt like she wasn’t an expert. Her worst fear: that some interviewer will ask, “Who are YOU to write about this topic??”

In the end analysis, a reality-check is in order. Have you accomplished things because of your intellect, your creativity, your tenacity, your heart? For every failure you’ve had, haven’t you also had an equal success?

Each day, when you catch yourself in the bad habit of moaning about everything that went wrong, reach for balance and remind yourself of all the things you did right. And when you have a big success, reward yourself and celebrate this wonderful moment!

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