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Business Goals: START with Your Emotions

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I’m watching a series of Tony Robbins videos on YouTube, and he asked a great question:

“If you could achieve a goal that would really, really excite you… that would bring you a full sense of joy, ecstasty, personal achievement…that would bring you to the heights of creativity and the depths of your spirituality…would create more love and security in your life…what would it be?”

What he’s getting at, which we all know (but sometimes forget), is that our goals are always tied to some emotion we want more of in our lives. But I found when I was setting my business goals for this year, I was ignoring the emotion that would also be achieved, and therefore my goal list wasn’t as interesting to me as I thought it should be.

In fact, it bored me.

Wowsa! Insight!

So I turned it around, and asked: What emotions would I like to have more of this year?

Bing, bang, zoom!

All of a sudden, I knew the business goals that would excite me, the goals I wanted to reach, because I went underneath them to see that what I really wanted MORE of this year was:

  • A sense of personal achievement…that I had done better than my best…that I had grown as a person, tapped a higher level of my potential
  • A feeling that I was really, truly helping people achieve the business dreams and goals they have…both from the motivational aspect AND from the practical “how to” aspect
  • A feeling of empowerment…both for myself and for the people I come in contact with…that I was surrounded by a “Yes, you can do it!” energy that I shared with others daily
  • A sense of touching the greatness of the world we live in…spiritually, physically, emotionally, humanly
  • A feeling of being acknolwedged for my contributions to the world…yes, I need applause  🙂
  • A sense that I’m breaking out of my own self-made traps and creating true freedom of thought and action

Now, when I write my business goals for this year, they’re coming much more quickly, more fluidly.

How cool is that?

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Feeling Like Your Business Needs to Change?

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Something’s in the air!

Everywhere I turn recently, I keep running into seasoned business owners who tell me stories about how they are changing their business model, reinventing the way they do business, modifying the products/services they offer, and shifting who their target audience is.

Some say they’re feeling restless: that they know something is going to change in their business but they’re not clear yet exactly what the new model will look like. They’re exploring all the options to find the new formula that works for them.

Others know exactly the direction they’re moving in and just need to work out an action plan. One colleague said to me, “I’m itching and ready to take action, if only I knew what the right action should be!”

You know your business is morphing. You won’t reinvent it from the ground up, but instead you will take all your knowledge and experience, and redefine your target audience, your offerings, and even your behind-the-scenes business processes.

I see some recurring themes about why people are reinventing their business: they’re ready to go for something bigger, or something that mirrors their lifestyle better. Maybe the economy has hit them, or their industry is changing. I explore the reasons why in this blog post.

Just trust your gut instinct. If you know something isn’t “quite right” with your current business or marketing model, trust your thoughts and feelings on the matter. You may not know exactly where you’re going, but the reinvention journey is a path worth exploring.

I’m interested to hear your comments. Are you reinventing your business, too? Where are you in your thinking about your new biz model?

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Releasing Judgment and Asking For Help

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A colleague sent me this email last year, and I wanted to share it with you, because it affects all small business owners:

“I’ve purchased some of your material and taken a course on masterminding and still haven’t moved forward with creating a mastermind group.

I’ve recognized that part of my problem is moving past my desire for perfectionism and subsequent embarrasement for not “being more busy and effective.” In other words I don’t know how to build a team of people (such as yourself) that can help me till I get into a rhythm.

I am often afraid to ask for help because as a Life Coach who has been building a business for over 2 years, I should have done this by now. My guilt, frustration and embarrassment only continue to keep me in hiding.”

Here’s the answer I sent back to him:

First, let me assure you that I know exactly where you’re coming from. Would it help you to know that the very nature of a small business owner causes these sorts of feelings? You’re not alone. Lots of life coaches (and all small business owners) have these same feelings and situations.

Perhaps you’re putting the cart before the horse? Maybe you will “get into rhythm” by being part of mastermind group yourself first, instead of waiting to be in rhythm THEN starting a mastermind group. A mastermind group, or a coach, will help you to discover where you’re self-sabotaging yourself, help you set a do-able action plan, and help you to be accountable to moving forward. Plus a mastermind group can help you come up with really creative ideas to solve problems, challenges and indecision…ideas you might not have thought of on your own.

Do you know other small biz owners, or other life coaches, who might want to be part of a mastermind group? You could start a free group where you are a member, first, to get the ball rolling.

Another option, of course, is for you to hire your own coach, someone who will not judge you or say “you should be farther along,” but instead someone who supports you and wants only success for you. Are you willing to give up your guilt and frustration, get unstuck, and really move forward? Okay, okay, maybe not “give up guilt and frustration,” but make friends with them and USE them to empower you and put you into progressive action?

I was at a Jack Canfield seminar last month. He said, “If you really want personal growth in your life, do three things: get married, have children, and start your own business.” He wasn’t kidding. Starting your own business will push every button you have. But you will grow in tremendous ways, and as a life coach, you will also help others at the same time.


I strongly encourage everyone to be part of a mastermind group. You can look here to find a mastermind group, and if there’s not one already available which meets your needs, start a mastermind group yourself.

I’ve created a free, simple, step-by-step ebook on how to start your own mastermind group which will get you on the right path.

If you prefer some personalized, one-on-one attention, find a small business coach (like me!) to help you. I’ve written an article on what you should consider when selecting a small business coach, a checklist for things to look for. Finding a small business coach that fits your needs and personality is very important, so think about what you want to work on with a coach and what personality types you get along with best.

Stop judging yourself, and get the help and support you need to create the business you’re dreaming of.

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