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2015 Annual Learning Survey Results

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In late 2015, I conducted a Learning Survey of small business owners and solo entrepreneurs to determine how their learning preferences had changed since the last time I conducted the survey (in 2013).

1,816 small business owners and solo entrepreneurs completed the survey. You can download the PDF results summary report here.

I hope you find this information helpful in understanding your students and how they like to learn.

I don’t think there’s anything more important in the world than teaching others what you know and empowering them to use that knowledge to have a better personal and professional life. Keep teaching!

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Passion For Stealing

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As many of you may remember, I had a lovely time a while ago with people stealing text from my website. Now, someone has upped the anty by stealing the layout and logo design of my website. How did I find out? A colleague noticed the similarities and let me know.

I contacted the life coach who’s logo and banner layout was extraordinarily similar to mine, and within two days, she modified her logo and banner.

In another instance, the entire text from my home page was on another coach’s website. Within three days, she had removed it and replaced it with her own text. In both these cases, they said it was their website designer who had stolen my ideas.

Can we not trust website designers? Can we not have clauses in our contracts with them, stating plainly that they are creating original websites for us and any damages for copyright infrigment will be fully upon the website designer?

And why should I have to pay an attorney to get these modifications made, or to take people to court?


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