And The Search Engine Winner Is…

Posted by on Jan 02 2006

In early January each year, I analyse my website statistics for the previous year, looking for trends. This year, my particular emphasis has been on which search engines have brought the most people to my website over the past 12 months. Here are some eye-opening statistics:

Google – 6,184 searches have led people to my site
Yahoo – 748 searches
MSN – 1,107 searches

Guess I know which search engine most of my potential customers use, by far! And with this information in hand, I know which search engine I’ll do most of my advertising with, and which search engine my site will be optimized for.

Take a look at your own website statistics and see how this vast wealth of information can help you to grow your business.

And if your website statistics don’t offer you this kind of information, you have two choices: find out if your hosting company offers more sophisticated statistical analysis packages, or change hosting companies.


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