Beware! Big Phishing Scam Happening Now

Posted by on Sep 22 2008

Phishing hooks you inSeveral times today, I received an email in my various email Inboxes, asking for personal information. The email looks something like this (below). DO NOT respond to email scams like this. Never, never give out your login ID or password via email (think about it: shouldn’t the email company already have this?), and never, never, never give out your birth date:

This Email is from Hotmail Customer Care and we are sending it to every Hotmail Email User Accounts Owner for safety. We are having congestions due to the anonymous registration of hotmail accounts so we are shutting down some hotmail accounts and your account was among those to be deleted.

It goes on from there to ask for all kinds of personal information. In fact, that’s a great test to see whether it’s a scam or not. There’s no reason why Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or AOL should need your birth date. When people start asking for your password, that’s the time to say to yourself, “Uh oh! This is fishy!”  (Or is it “Phishy”?)


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  1. I would think the obviously non-native English would be a tip-off as well. No matter how many “congestions” Hotmail is having, I still agree with you that you’re better off just deleting the email. 😉

    24 Sep 2008 at 10:18 am

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