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ICF Conference 2009: The Largest Mastermind Group Ever!

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I’m facilitating the largest mastermind group ever, at the ICF Conference in December!

The ICF called me a few months ago and asked me to conduct a three-hour breakout on Friday afternoon entitled “Call To Action.”

It’s about choosing your most important, passionate goals, sorting through everything you learned at the Conference, masterminding a strategic Action Plan, and finding mastermind accountability partners to support you in your implementation.

Are you going to the ICF Conference this year in Orlando? Hope to see you there! :)

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I’ve Been Listed in a Top 10!

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Very cool … my blog has been listed in ODesk’s 10 Freelance Lifestyle Sites list!

(Yay!)  :)


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Clean Your Desk Before It Rebels – Accountability Day

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I never had so much fun cleaning my desk!

Today I created an “accountability day” for myself, to clean my desk and declutter it. I hate doing this sort of thing alone, so I enlisted my friends on Twitter and Facebook to hold me accountable.

We had great conversation (and really, really funny!) back-and-forth on FB and Twitter with my peeps.

Everyone loved this idea! So much so that everyone wanted to have a Clean Your Desk Before It Rebels accountability day of their own. Here’s what I propose:

1. Choose a day during the week of July 6 when you’ll pledge to clean your desk, declutter your office, file your paperwork.

2. Choose a time you will begin and a time you will end. Setting clear goals will help you to focus.

3. If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, friend me here:

4. Post your start date and time, and your “before” photo, on your blog or on Facebook. Don’t be shy or embarrassed by your “before” photo of your office…we’re all in this together. (Make sure you post your start date and time to my Wall in Facebook, or use #cydbir in your Twitter tweet, so we can find everyone who is participating. I want to make sure I’m following your progress on your CYDBIR day!)

5. Every 30 minutes or so during your day, post a tweet or message about your status: How are you doing? What have you gotten done so far? Where are you stuck?

6. Post photos along the way so we can all celebrate and cheer you on!

Here’s what my tweets looked like the day I cleaned my desk:

  • 1:45 – I’m spending the afternoon cleaning off my desk. Nag me. Poke me. Make me do it! Don’t let me off the hook, folks! <grin>
  • 2:15 – All Client folders are sorted and stored properly.
  • 2:32 – discovered a Lowe’s gift card while cleaning my desk…from Xmas! This is not a good sign. I wonder what it’s worth???
  • 2:43 – running a anti-virus full system scan – might as well clean ALL my desk!
  • 2:48 – all book writing project binders and class lesson plan binders put away neatly, with their own labels no less!
  • 2:54 – found overdue library books. This is going downhill fast.
  • 3:01 – oh, great, a HUGE thunderstorm is coming. How can I clean my desk if I can’t SEE my desk?
  • 3:05 – awwwww…found a wonderful photo of my great grandmothers, from 1957 while going through a pile of papers. Things are looking up! (They’re so cute.)
  • 3:07 – supply closet – done!
  • 3:14 – okay, thunderstorm is scary. Will shut computer down now but I PROMISE to continue to clean my desk! Be back soon!
  • 3:15 – re-hung my Vision Board so it was more secure. Yippee!
  • 3:18 – sorted my to-be-read and what-I’m-reading-now book pile. Good stuff here.
  • 3:29 – uncovered and cleaned my favorite Bowl-O-Rocks. (I like to use them in meditation and when talking with clients on the phone as a focusing tool.)
  • 3:35 – had cookies and milk with my husband while the thunderstorm went by. Back to cleaning!
  • 3:45 – most papers cleaned up, put away, books stacked…now on to the dusting!
  • 3:50 – done! And with 10 minutes to spare!

I posted photos along with each of these tweets to my Facebook photo album. Everyone got a kick out of encouraging me, teasing me, and watching my progress, and I had so much FUN cleaning my desk!

My next personal CYDBIR day is July 8, starting at 10:00 AM eastern. (I have two desks!)

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I Can Tell the Economy is Getting Better

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Like a dog on the scent, I keep my nose to the ground, looking for signs of a strengthening or weakening economy. I’m not looking at large, macro, worldwide events, but instead using my own eyes and ears to determine how the average person is reacting to things.

All around me I’m seeing signs of economic life:

  • In the past month, whenever we go to restaurants (even on the traditionally slow restaurant days), the places are crowded. Not as crowded as they were a year ago, with lines snaking out the door, but tables are full and waitstaff is bustling.
  • Where I am seeing lines form is at the movies. In January and February, you could walk through the door and right up to the ticket window. Not so anymore. Short lines, but lines none the less.
  • I keep close track of people who steal my website text for their own websites. Over the past six months, the instances of plagiarism had decreased, but within the past month I’m seeing a resurgence. This means people are creating new websites, which is a good sign. The fact that they’re comfortable stealing someone else’s text to promote their own business tells me they won’t be in business for long with low ethics and lack of creativity and skill leading them to their demise.
  • I’m getting many more calls for coaching and consulting. People are understandably cautious on finding just the right person to help them with their dreams and challenges, but once they find the right fit, they’re willing to invest in growing their businesses. Month over month, I’m seeing a 10% increase in revenue for the past three months.
  • My clients are also reporting a small uptick in revenue, and more prospect calls.

Could it be a thawing economy? I hope so!

What does this mean for you? Keep your eyes and ears open, make sure all your systems are in place, and make sure you’re ready for an upswing in business. Now is the time to clean out your office, get a filing system in place (AND everything filed away properly), create intake forms for customer information, and generally automate your office and financial systems. In this way you’ll be ready when the surge begins instead of getting caught with your systems in disarray.

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It’s Great When People Say Nice Things About You

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A woman I met at the NSA Internet Marketing Intensive a few weeks ago posted a nice blog post about me!  Awww, shucks, folks!

Annmarie Kelly was the coordinator for the speakers. She did such a great job in keeping us informed about the event, getting information from us in a timely manner, and answering all sorts of questions. It was a joy to work with her.

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Meeting Great People

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This weekend, I had the pleasure to speak at the NSA Mid-Atlantic chapter’s full day internet marketing intensive in Philadelphia. What a great way to meet other small business owners, learn new information, and share ideas!

Tom Gray was the keynote speaker, and gave a wonderful overview of Web 2.0 marketing. Other speakers included Rick (“don’t call me Richard”) Simmons, Sally Witt and Steve Coscia. They spoke about how they have promoted their own businesses with techniques ranging from blogging to social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) to selling products on the internet. I gave two presentation on driving traffic to your site through search engine optimization (free search engine ranking techniques) and online ads with Adwords (paid search placement).

During the panel discussion at the end of the day, the audience asked us many questions. One of the most important points to come out during that discussion is that internet marketing (happily) is not a one-size-fits-all marketing tactic. There are so many ways to use internet marketing and social media marketing, you get to choose which ones fit your style and fit your audience. AND you don’t have to be a techie to partiicpate!

Going to one of these full-day events is a great way to meet people! But if there aren’t events like this close to you, remember that you can meet great people online through LinkedIn, Facebook and your blog. In 2009, all business and all marketing is about “making connections” … and internet marketing and social media lets you make them with ease.

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