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Your Voice Tells Your Story – Free Audio with Katherine Scott

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Katherine Scott is our guest expert in the Self Employed Success podcast series, sponsored by Passion For Business.


Your Voice Tells Your Story with guest Katherine Scott

Every person’s life is a rich history of stories and your voice tells your story each time you speak. The sound of your voice is influenced by the perceptions you have about yourself and they, in turn, influence how listeners perceive you. The source of your perceptions comes from all the experiences that make up your life story.

To fully access the authenticity of your voice, the sound by which you communicate your story to the outside world must come from your inner being.

In this seminar we explored your voice on two different levels: the actual sound of your voice, and the compelling story or purpose you express with it. We investigated what you can do to integrate those two levels.

During the teleseminars, we examined the following questions:

  • What is your voice story?
  • What is a voice field and how do you find yours?
  • What’s in the gap between your thoughts and your spoken words?
  • How do you authentically align your voice with your self?
  • How do you achieve both power speaking and power listening?
  • How do you build confidence and deal with performance anxiety?

Listen to the recording of the teleseminar and pick up the notes here

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Free Audio: Boost Your Blog Traffic with Jon Morrow

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Jon MorrowI interviewed Jon Morrow, associate editor of Copyblogger, about what it really takes to get your blog noticed.

ONE tip from Jon’s interview yielded me 2,027 unique visitors to just ONE of my blog posts, and those people shared my blog post 910 times.

In this audio interview, Jon covers:

  • Why start your own blog
  • How to get more traffic to your blog
  • Why your blog posts get ignored
  • Why getting subscribers is more important than getting traffic
  • How to avoid writing boring content
  • How to get inside the head of your readers to know what they want you to write about
  • Why blog comments are so important
  • Should you try for email subscribers or RSS subscribers?
  • How often should you post
  • How having conversations with readers/customers will make a better blog
  • The mistakes Jon made when he first got started with blogging (and how you can avoid them)
  • How to incentivize people to subscribe to your blog

You’ll love the full range of tips that Jon shared with me during this interview! Just one of them could boost your blog to a whole new level.

Sign up now for this FREE audio tutorial from me and Jon Morrow!

We will not share your email address with anyone. Guaranteed!


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Does Your Voice Tell Your Story? – Free Audio with Katherine Scott

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Are you a:

  • coach
  • speaker
  • consultant
  • teacher
  • teleclass leader

If yes, you’ll want to hear what Katherine Scott has to say about your voice. Katherine is a voice coach who helps people realize the true strength, the true authenticity, of their voice.

Katherine has been a guest on our free monthly teleclass and you can listen to the recording for free here.

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Four GREAT Interviews, For Your Listening Pleasure

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As many of you know, I’ve been conducting interviews with successfully self-employed people for many years, and posting the audio of those interviews on my website.

I have four interviews that you’ll want to listen to:

  • Andy Wibbels
  • C.J. Hayden
  • Mitch Meyerson
  • Michael Port

Listen to these free interviews here:

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Yes, You CAN Do Your Own Market Research – Free Audio with Doreen Amatelli

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Market research means:

1. Finding out if there is an audience for your existing product or service

2. Finding out what your audience wants and needs before creating a product or service

3. Finding out what your audience values about what you offer

Last year I had a guest on my Self Employed Success audio series, Doreen Amatelli, who spoke for an hour on how you can do your own market research. Doreen is a professional market researcher, so she knows her stuff!

You can listen to (or download) the audio here:

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David Newman Speaks about Information Products – Free Audio

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In December, I had lunch with David Newman and grilled him (no pun intended!) about creating information products.

Lots of great strategy ideas and tips!

You can listen to the interview in MP3 format here:

Karyn Greenstreet interviews David Newman about Information Products (MP3)

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