Repeat After Me: Competition Is Good

Posted by on Jun 16 2011

No! No! No!

I got an email from a student the other day who said she wasn’t going to launch her class because she found out that a competitor had a similar new class.

Do not give up on your dream just because someone else has a twin idea.

There’s even a word for it: Zeitgeist. It means that the culture and climate of the times often produces ideas that are in alignment with each other. Time and again I have┬áseen two or three products come on the market at the exact same time that eerily resemble each other. No one “stole” the idea from the others; it was just the right idea and the right time — for more than one person.

There is abundance all around us. You will draw the right students to your class not just because of WHAT you teach, but WHO the teacher is (that’s you!).


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