Don’t Let Crazy Clients Drain You

Posted by on Jul 07 2014

A client told me the other day about a Crazy Client story that just happened to her:

One of her clients emailed her on a Sunday morning. As a courtesy, she emailed the client back on Sunday evening (normally, she doesn’t work weekends).

Her client then complained that she “didn’t get back to her quickly enough!”

I sent MY client this article on How To Say No.

And the problem isn’t just the way¬†clients and customers treat business owners. It’s how people act in your mastermind group, your relationship with vendors, employees, and management. (Shhhh…and it just might be you who is making others crazy! Read on to find out…)

Want to know more about how to deal with crazymakers? Read my in-depth blog posts:

I hope these articles help you. Because you wouldn’t treat a client disrespectfully, you must insist that they treat you with respect…or fire them. There simply is no excuse for bad behavior.


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