David Newman’s New Book – Is It For You?

Posted by on May 25 2014

Strap on your rocket shoes, because David Newman’s book, Do It! Marketing, is going to jet-propel you into marketing orbit. He gives you insider information on how to be perceived as a thought-leading expert and the only choice your customers will want to make, by giving you check lists and smart questions to help you position your business as the stand-out-from-the-crowd leader.

If your marketing isn’t bringing you the best customers possible, you are now empowered to make the changes necessary to kick start your business to the next level of success. In this practical book, David outlines 77 crucial strategic pieces of the marketing and sales puzzle. All those mistakes you made already? David helps you to fix them. All those mistakes you could be making in the future? Avoid them, bypass them, skip them entirely.

David’s step-by-step approach helps you to be certain that you didn’t miss anything important, and that you’re building your marketing and sales system on a firm foundation. It’s like a premier marketing and sales course delivered easily to you chapter by chapter.

He doesn’t sugar-coat things; he tells it like it really, truly is. That’s essential, because the last thing you need when building a business is to have sunshine pumped up your nose by rah-rah authors who never get past the surface layer. David will inspire and motivate you, no doubt, but he does it with bucket loads of solid advice and deep exercises that are imperative to marketing and sales success (my favorite is Don’t Fall into the Same-O Lame-O Trap!).

Each of the 77 chapters is an easy read and the exercises are concrete. If you did one chapter a day for 77 days, your business would be at a whole new level in just a few months. That’s a future worth investing in.


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