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Posted by on Aug 16 2013

I recently watched a free webinar with Kelly Kingman and Pamela Wilson called The Ultimate Ebook Kickstart. I’ve been creating ebooks for many years, but I’ve always been stuck on three things:

  1. How to figure out what to put in the ebook
  2. How to get the writing done
  3. How to explain to others what’s in the ebook so that it’s compelling

I have known Kelly and Pamela for years and I knew they were experts in the field, so it was a no-brainer to take the hour to watch this free webinar.

The first things I learned about was “fascinations,” a way of describing what’s in your ebook to make it appealing to others and a way to figure out what to put in your ebook. I had never heard this term before and I loved the concept. When Pamela and Kelly described fascinations, it was one of those, “Oh, that makes perfect sense” moments. It’s something I’ll use right away, because I’m getting ready to write my next ebook next week!

I thought their conversation about the three ways to use ebooks was strategic, and helps people to rethink how they use ebooks. We all know that you can either give your ebook away for free or you can sell it, but there are actually two ways to give it away for free, and multiple delivery mechanisms to consider. Ebooks are a great way to get known and build trust among your audience, as well as reaching new audiences.

If you’re like me, it’s hard to find time to write with a busy schedule. Kelly and Pamela share four different ways to get the writing done, even if you don’t consider yourself a writer. Using their “sprint” method, I’ve set aside all of next week to write an ebook start to finish. Yay! 🙂

Best advice I got: “Your ebook is not a record of everything you know about the topic. It’s not supposed to be an encyclopedia! You just write about what your reader needs to know, right now, in order to solve their challenge — and no more.” Whew! I knew my ebook projects were getting too big when I started to go over 200 pages. Now I stay focused on a narrow topic, making it an easier project for me and easier for audience to read and implement.

They also share:

  • How to make your ebook look professional and create a layout that’s easy-to-read
  • How to launch your ebook (even when you don’t have a mailing list), including some ways the pros launch their ebooks

Definitely, check out their free webinar here.


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