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Posted by on Mar 26 2012

The students in my Designing Effective Workshops & Teleclasses class are so creative! Just look at some of the classes they’ve designed! Once you have a structured approach to writing new classes, the sky’s the limit. 🙂

Connecting Mind space and Home space through Qigong Healing, Harmonizing and Organizing

with Sangita Patel

Learn how we can balance our 2 types of energies(Yin and Yang) in our body and help heal ourselves physically ,mentally, emotionally and spiritually by using simple, efficient and effective method of Qigong. This method helps to remove blockages in your body created by stress, negative thoughts and illness .It brings clarity in mind, opens up Heart energy center along with other 6 major centers. Qigong can be done standing, sitting and lying down by any age who is willing to make positive changes in the lifestyle to enjoy their life. Harmonizing is designed to help develop the skills needed to realize your highest potential through regaining your inner peace and wisdom. Having an organized mind and home space helps maintain sanity and stability in thoughts and actions. www.kalakarinteriors.com


What Authors Should Know about Book Illustrations

with Pat Achilles

This seminar provides the groundwork for finding and working with an illustrator, the qualities that will make your book attractive and marketable, and tips on publishing and costs.  Pat will discuss illustration for various reading levels, resources to find illustrators, what to prepare before you contact an illustrator, pricing, ways to cut costs, traditional versus self-publishing, and the single most important thing on which you and your illustrator will collaborate. www.achillesportfolio.wordpress.com/talks/


Discovering Your Ideal Client in 4 Simple Steps!

with Cindy Hillsey

You’ve probably heard that you need to pick a Target Market and then figure out what your Niche is within that market, right? I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty confusing and overwhelming to me! What exactly is a Target Market and how do I know what my Niche is within that market? What if I told you that we could make this process really simple, and effective, by discovering who your Ideal Client is in 4 steps?! Yes, 4 simple steps and you will be on your way to discovering your Ideal Client. This Take Action Group (TAG) is for Service-Based Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, and Solopreneurs who are tired of working with those less-than-Ideal Clients. This TAG will not only help you to discover your Ideal Client, but will show you WHY it is important to your business to know who your Ideal Client is. www.virtualpartnering.com/idealclient-tag/



with Amy Bradbury

SmartBooksTM teaches business owners how to effectively use QuickBooks® – from installing the software to printing reports for CPA/taxes – and everything to manage their businesses throughout the year.  Learn how to leverage the #1 business accounting software to work for your business.  http://www.getsmartbooksnow.com/


Creating an Elevator Speech

with Amanda Venier

Are you looking for a new job, starting or building a business, or trying to connect with customers or partners?  If so, you need an elevator speech!  During this four week class you will design and write your elevator speech in five simple steps.  You will complete practices and get feedback on your work.  For the class conclusion you will have an opportunity to submit your speech via video or phone.   A follow up class will be offered to help you deliver your message in a compelling way, and adjust your message for use in different situations.  http://www.ionapathways.com/Events_EW8C.php

Build Positive Energy for a Fabulous Life

with Polina Mesechova

This workshop is for busy women who need more energy to work, to take care of a family and a house, and want to feel fabulous.    During class women will learn about foods that increase vitality and exercises that build strength. They will be more inspired and motivated for healthier and happier life. We will share indulgences for feeling and looking amazing.   www.reducestresssolutions.com


Basic Infusionsoft Course

with Sharon Broughton

This four-module LIVE online webinar course will train you on all the basics of Infusionsoft! At the end of the course you will be able to setup a new account in Infusionsoft, transfer all the data from the previous cart/CRM, and setup all the details for the system to work! You will be also able to assist your clients with an existing Infusionsoft application by knowing how to setup new products, new campaigns, new webforms, and more! You will be learning from an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant–Sharon Broughton. Class starts on May 1st and is via webinar and all lessons are recorded and available for watching later in the student portal.  http://thetechieva.com/training/basic-infusionsoft-course


Overcome Overwhelm

with Suzette Adams

This class helps you, the small business owner, overcome the overwhelm that sneaks into your business day. You need to run your business, run it properly, and have a life too. This course will lay the foundation to help you regain that control and help you find balance again.  More Focus~More Time~More Profits http://www.StructureYourSuccess.com


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