Never, Never Let Someone Tell You That You Can’t Have What You Want

Posted by on Apr 15 2009

Have you seen this wonderful, funny, inspiring video on YouTube yet?

Meet Susan Boyle, a 47-year old woman from “a collection of villages” in Scotland. Everyone in the audience of Britian’s Got Talent laughed at her when she said she wanted to be a successful singer. By the end of her performance, they were cheering and crying and giving her a standing ovation:

This same thing happened in 2007, when Paul Potts took the stage. I wrote about it here in my blog and you can watch his triumphant performance and be inspired as well.

These two people show us one very important trait that we should culivate: they didn’t let others tell them “You can’t do that” or “You can’t have what you want in life.” They took the bull by the horns and shouted to the world, “I have something to share with the world and I’m not going to rest until I get what I want!”

What do YOU want?  Go out and get it! Don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way.


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