Older Americans Jumping On The Internet

Posted by on Feb 14 2007

According to an article in this week’s Time Magazine, people aged 50 and older are jumping on the Internet at ever increasing rates. For instance, in 2002 only 38% of adults over 50 were on the internet. Recently that number has shot up to 54% and the numbers are growing!

Long have my clients lamented that internet marketing wasn’t working if their target audience was over 50. Sounds like a change is in the air! If you’ve been putting off internet marketing because you think your audience isn’t “wired,” now is the time to put internet marketing back into your marketing plan.

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One Response to “Older Americans Jumping On The Internet”

  1. Juan

    The number of adults over 50 in the internet is only going to increase. Older people are living longer than ever before, and they are staying in the workforce longer as well. I’m sure that as the US workplace moves to accommodate more older workers, many will be working form home and on the internet all of the time.

    I think that people over 50 are often overlooked when it comes to marketing. If businesses really want to reach people over 50 and harness some of their spending power, they really need to step up their internet marketing efforts to people over 50.

    Juan Rodriguez
    Editor, JustJobs.com

    24 Feb 2007 at 2:23 am

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