Over 50% of Searchers Use Google

Posted by on Oct 11 2007

According to a Comscore press release this week, 60% of all searches worldwide, both at home and at work, are done using Google and Google-owned YouTube. Yahoo sites came in at 14% and Microsoft site searches came in at about 4%. Note that these are worldwide numbers.

Nielson NetRatings released it’s August “Search Share Rankings” report with the following statistics for United States users:

  • 53.6% use Google
  • 19.9% use Yahoo
  • 12.9% use MSN

Comscore also reports that the average North American conducts 77.4 searches per month based on August numbers.

When planning your SEO and Search Engine Marketing strategy, it’s important to pay close attention to Google. While no one knows for sure how Google exactly ranks sites, there are many SEO items that are surely in the mix: sites that have relevancy, content, and are updated frequently.


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