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We all say, “I should write a book on that subject.” I said it, too — for 10 years! And now I’m proud to announce my first book: Designing Effective Workshops and Teleclasses: 7 Proven Steps to Creating Classes Students Will Love.

After teaching the Designing Effective Workshops class to hundreds of students, I finally took everything I knew, plus the comments and suggestions from my students, and put it together in a book.

And what a great book it is! It’s a straight-forward, practical, step-by-step system for designing and marketing classes, workshops and teleclasses.

  • Have you wanted to create workshops and teleclasses but didn’t know how to get started?
  • Do you want to re-design existing classes to make them shine?
  • Are you interested in learning how to market and administer your teleclass for best results?

Then read on and I’ll tell you more about what’s in this fabulous book:

And thank you to everyone who was so kind as to send along their congratulations on my first book. It IS like giving birth to a baby! 🙂


[Editor’s note: Designing Effective Workshops and Teleclasses is now available as an online learning program!]

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