Does Your Voice Tell Your Story? – Free Audio with Katherine Scott

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Are you a:

  • coach
  • speaker
  • consultant
  • teacher
  • teleclass leader

If yes, you’ll want to hear what Katherine Scott has to say about your voice. Katherine is a voice coach who helps people realize the true strength, the true authenticity, of their voice.

Katherine has been a guest on our free monthly teleclass and you can listen to the recording for free here.

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Organizing for the Self-Employed – Free Audio

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Last week, we had special guest Jamie Novak on our free monthly teleclass, giving us great tips to Get Organized Today!

Jamie helped us with:

  • Time management
  • Messy desks
  • Piles of paper and filing
  • Managing email

The audio recording of that teleclass is now available:

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Simple Solutions for Busy Entrepreneurs – Free Audio with Angee Robertson

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Recently, Angee Robertson did a great teleclass for us, full of tips on how to work more efficiently in your small business office.

Learn how to deal with:

  • email overwhelm
  • a great follow up system
  • interruptions that drive you crazy

You can listen to the audio of this teleclass here:

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Stress Makes Us Stupid – Free Audio with Susan Klein

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Susan Klein CoachRecently, Susan Klein gave a teleclass to Passion For Business subscribers entitled, “Stress Makes Us Stupid.” Wow! What a great class!

Not only did she tell us why stress makes us stupid (biologically-speaking), but she tells us what to do about it. Great advice, good tips and wonderful stories…listen for free here:

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Creating Your Signature Presence – Free Audio

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Colleen Bracken was the guest speaker in the May 2006 “Self Employed Success” teleclass, a series of free teleclasses that Passion For Business sponsors each month.

Creating Your Signature Presence, with guest Colleen Bracken

Be it in the boardroom, at the podium, with a prospective client, at an interview, or in an employee team meeting: “Presence” counts!

Presence is the foundation for inspiring and influencing those around us, in all kinds of situations. Learn how to boost your natural style to the level of magnetic presence.
Some of the questions discussed include:

1. What IS presence?

2. What are your unique natural building blocks for constructing presence?

3. How does one boost those blocks to the level of a powerful magnetism?

Listen to the recording of Colleen Bracken’s teleclass.

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