Finding Royalty-free Photos and Graphics

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Genevieve asks, “Where can I find royalty-free photos and graphics to use on my website and blog?”

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People Will Judge You on the Quality of Your Marketing Materials

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I got to be a student over the past few months! I signed up for a free ecourse on graphic design called Design 101.

Why would I take time to learn graphic design? After all, I’m no artist. 

Because people WILL judge you on the quality of your marketing materials. And they may chose to read or ignore your message depending on whether it catches their attention, and whether it looks professional or like the work of an amateur. Sorry, that’s just the way life is.

I don’t have to tell you that good graphic design can have a significant impact on your marketing materials. You already know it. So I signed up for a free “Design 101” ecourse that helps small biz owners learn the basics of graphic design, from Pamela Wilson of Big Brand System.

Sometimes you can’t afford to hire a graphic artist to do the work for you. Or you’d really like to learn the basics of graphic design yourself so that you can make sure your marketing materials look great and bring results (and are consistent with your brand, a major big deal, folks.)

Check out Pamela’s free Design 101 ecourse here.

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