Heroic Heart of the Entrepreneur

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Every entrepreneur is an explorer, a seeker of freedom, self-expression and mastery of their craft in the service of others.

Adventure summons you. Your journey to distant lands unfolds along byways both well-trodden and uncharted. Try as you might to step aside from the path of your calling, your eyes forever turn back to your true path with dogged desire and steadfast yearning. And so you walk on.

Pebbles and rocks and mighty boulders are strewn in front of you, challenging you to grow, to excel. Try the easy way, the small voice slithers in your ear. Wouldn’t it be better simply to give up, it whispers with calm and warm deceit.

Don’t you dare! This is not the time to slide into mediocrity, damning yourself to a life of bland conformity and empty wanderings. Press on! You didn’t start a business to stay small, meek, wanting, and wasting.

Command your courage; walk forward with steady gaze and steely spine. Ignited by purpose, your passion intensifies inner dedication and perseverance until the solid core of inherent power is revealed.

Colleagues and mentors travel the unknown world with you, applaud with glee as you toss the rocks from your path, and lend their might when boulders don’t yield to the single-handed touch.

Every breath blazes with endless potentiality. You were born with a heroic heart.

The gift of a bold, purposeful life and joyful work awaits the entrepreneur whose essential self is open to the journey.

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