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Teleseminar guestDo you feel like can you can’t teach a teleseminar because you’re not an expert on the topic?

Or perhaps you don’t have time to put together an hour’s worth of material for a teleseminar?

Don’t worry! There are plenty of experts out there who you can interview in a teleseminar. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Decide what topic you’ll present in the teleseminar.
  2. Find an expert who is BOTH qualified to talk about the subject and has good teleclass leading skills. (If you’re unsure about whether they can perform well on a teleclass, ask to listen to a recording of a recent teleclass where they presented.) You can have more than one expert on a call, but I wouldn’t recommend more than 2 experts on a call because it become confusing to the listener.
  3. Decide up-front if the experts will be allowed to market their products or services on the call. If yes, decide on how many minutes they’ll have to do so. My opinion is that a teleseminar should be 99% education and only 1% marketing. (No one likes to listen to a “teleSALESinar” where the expert drones on and on about their products.)
  4. Come up with a list of interview questions. Since the experts are most likely to know the best interview questions, collaborate with the experts to come up with a good list.
  5. Schedule the teleseminar and invite your mailing list. You can ask the experts to invite people from their list as well.
  6. Hold the teleseminar and make sure you record it. Some listeners can’t attend the live teleseminar, but they will be able to listen to the recording later.
  7. Edit the recording and put it on your website.Inform your mailing list (and the experts’ mailing list) that the recording is now available.

It’s that easy!

You can listen to me interview guest experts on my Self Employed Success teleseminar series. The recordings are free here:


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