The Green Office: Save Big by Reducing Phantom Power Draws

Posted by on Sep 19 2008

phantom power loadDid you know that your laptop, cell phone charger, computer monitor, and printer can draw electricity, even when they’re not turned on? This is also true of items around your home: your television, cable TV box, and other power tools. This is called Phantom Power, or sometimes Phantom Energy or Standby Power.

When some electrical items are plugged into a socket, they pull electricity even when they’re not turned on. This wastes electricity and increases your electric bill but doesn’t benefit you at all. has a great article entitled “Save Energy by Avoiding Phantom Power” that is very helpful and includes links to other Green Living articles. They say that phantom power can account for as much as 10% of the electricity an office or home uses. Wow!

Here’s what we’ve done in our office to reduce the amount of phantom energy drawn:

  1. Put all items that draw phantom energy, like our laser printers, computer speakers, and computer monitors on a power strip, which we turn off each night.
  2. Unplug items we don’t use every day, like cell phone chargers.
  3. Pay attention when recharging items like laptops, and remove them from the charger when the battery is full (instead of leaving it on charge all night).
  4. Turn off items when not in use. For instance, I use my laser printer all the time, but only use my color printer occasionally. Why pull power for a color printer that I use once a week?
  5. Always look for energy-saving devices when replacing an item.

Here’s the key with running a Green Office: all these little items DO add up to big savings and a decrease on natural resources. It’s worth doing.


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  1. Gregg

    Hi, these are great ideas, but I have been looking for power strips that permit us to turn off individusl outlets on the power strip. This way, I can leave my internet connection always on, but turn of the cell phone or other chargers without having to unplug them. Maybe if enough of us begin to demand something like this from manufacturers, we can get someone to produce it. I have researched and emailed all over the place, but no one seems to be making this, although I did find one company who used to market one years ago, but discontinued it. Keep up with the great suggestions on hidden money wasters.

    19 Sep 2008 at 10:28 am

  2. I’d heard about this, but your article clarified it and has spurred me to hook everything up to a power strip as well.

    I love blogs like this. Full of information that is practical and useful.

    20 Sep 2008 at 12:19 pm

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