The Real Secret to Higher Profits

Posted by on May 01 2014

Every teacher, mentor and guru promises to help you get big profits.

Let me short-cut the secret for you:

  • Take your talent and add a dash of passion for owning your own business.
  • Then practice your talent and your business skills, over and over again, until you gain mastery of both.
  • Create a smart plan for growth and then take consistent action to implement the plan.
  • If you have an area where you’re weak, learn how to do it, find a partner with those skills, or outsource that work.
  • Your mentor can teach you the skills, but only YOU can provide the talent, the passion, the mastery, the plan and the implementation.
  • People may inspire you, but no one will motivate you for long; you must motivate yourself…every single day.

That’s it, folks, the “secret” to a successful business. I’ve been a small business owner for 32 years and I know hundreds of other small business owners. And we all say the same thing: there is no silver bullet to building a small business. It takes hard work and dedication.



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  1. Meggin McIntoshNo Gravatar

    Amen, sister! And all the people who keep trying to “sell” the magic bullet or promise an easy way to _____, just perpetuate the myth and play on people’s fears and wishes. It’s part of what I appreciate about you. Honest, real, practical. Thank you!

    02 May 2014 at 8:30 am

  2. Karyn GreenstreetNo Gravatar

    You’re welcome, Meggin. Anyone who has seriously tried to run a successful business knows what it really takes to make it happen.

    02 May 2014 at 8:50 am

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