Who Reads Blogs? (Part Deux)

Posted by on Aug 19 2005

Previously, I posed the question, “Who Reads Blogs?”

After a little research, I found an article by Thomas Claburn of TechWeb entitled, “Survey: Blog Readership Skyrocketing.” He says:

“A new study from online research firm comScore Networks Inc. reveals that 50 million U.S. Internet users visited blog sites in the first quarter of this year, up 45% from the first quarter of 2004. That represents about 30% of all U.S. Internet users, or a sixth of the total U.S. population.”

According to Claburn, there are approximately 14.7 million blogs (wow!). However, another writer indicates that it’s not the number of blogs that’s important, but their influence. Steve Rubel of the Micro Persuasion blog has written a blog entry entitled, “Don’t Measure Blog Readership, Measure Influence” that you might find thought-provoking.

For me, personally and professionally, it’s not about readership or influence, it’s about education and community. The blogs I admire most are not those blogs that spout personal opinion, but those that give me golden nuggets of information and allow me to communicate with others who are experiencing what I’m experiencing. The “comments” sections of blogs can offer some good give-and-take, as well as alternative viewpoints on the topic at hand.


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