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The Art of Networking & Referrals

In this audio, Karyn Greenstreet shares tips and techniques for effective networking, including ideas for a face-to-face and online referrals. This highly-interactive audio gives you a chance to practice some fun and easy networking techniques.

Includes a transcript in PDF format.

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Designing a 90-Minute Marketing Plan That Gets Results

The time you spend planning your marketing campaign is an investment into your future success!

In this audio, we discuss a step-by-step process to craft a successful marketing plan that will take you just 90 minutes to write.

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Writing a Three-Page Business Plan That Sizzles

If you're a self-employed small business owner, and you're not writing a business plan in order to get a loan or venture capital, then you don't need to write a 40 page business plan full of chart, graphs and financial information.

Get the audio plus a business plan template!

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Creating Small Business Websites That Grab Attention

Come learn the basics of what you should know to add polish and professionalism to your small business website, everything from the message you deliver to the psychology of the colors you use.

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Stop Self-Sabotaging Your Small Business Success

The problems of self-sabotage are deeper than "action" or "motivation." There are personal undercurrents that affect EVERY self-employed person. Learn how pinpointing and turning around your own self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors can change your motivation and action levels, catapulting you forward into business success.

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What Students Say...

Joa Marcu

I always feel like I am always getting so much from you. Your generosity has me hooked for an indefinite amount of time. I suppose for a successful business that you so exquisitely model, this is how customers should always feel.

—Joa Marcu