Marketing Plan Teleclass

Increase Your Income With a Powerful Marketing Plan

Course Overview

Create your marketing plan in six weeks, and use it to create the business and income you desire.

This webinar series is designed for self-employed small business owners (from beginners to veterans) to delve deeper into the topic of marketing your products and services. Learn a structured approach for planning your marketing that you can use year after year.

(I use this exact system for creating my quarterly marketing plans and for launching new products and services all year long!)

Too Many Marketing Ideas, No Central Plan

Do you have many ideas for your marketing but no central plan for bringing it all together?

Do you find yourself scrambling and hustling to get your marketing done, often recreating the wheel?

This hands-on webinar workshop allows you to explore a new way to strategically synchronize your business thoughts and goals through a simple and easy marketing plan that will catapult you into the greatest future for your business.

Don't let your marketing techniques sit alone without integrating the other techniques you're using, and gain power and momentum for all your marketing campaigns.

Walk Away with a Real Marketing Plan

There's no point in simply mulling over your marketing ideas. You have to put them into a action plan, and get them on a campaign calendar so you know what to do month-by-month.

In this class, you'll walk away with two marketing plans:

  • Your overall Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Your Marketing Campaign Plan and Calendar

You Will Learn and Do

In this 6-week webinar, you will learn:

  • How your marketing plan fits into your overall business strategy and goals.
  • How to create both a Product and Services Funnel and a Marketing Funnel.
  • How to select the most powerful and productive marketing techniques for your target audience and where they are in your Marketing Funnel, saving both time and money.
  • Understand the psychology of what your customers really want from you (you'll be surprised!).
  • Analyze your competition so you can stand out from the crowd.
  • How to set your prices and fees for your products and services.
  • How to create a marketing campaign calendar to reduce stress and overwhelm when marketing.
  • How to choose the right Traditional and Internet marketing techniques, based on your goals, your style, and your skill set.
  • How to set your marketing budget, big or small.
  • Integrate your marketing to make it powerful and efficient.
  • How to test and track your marketing campaigns to determine which ones are working for you and which ones you should dump.

What Students Say...

Marcy Stahl

I have taken multiple classes with Karyn. All of them provided in-depth content, delivered clearly and with Karyn's trademark good humor. I always get great value from her classes. The Marketing Plan class has helped me get serious about clearly defining different product offerings and when I'll market them and to whom. This class clearly laid out the path I need to follow to be successful.

—Marcy Stahl

Live Access to Me for Your Questions and Homework

This is a live webinar, so you'll have plenty of time to ask questions during each class session. Got questions between class sessions? Use our handy private message forum!

In addition, you'll be able to submit your homework exercises to me for my review and feedback.

You won't be a number or a faceless student in the crowd. I'll work with you to help you get your marketing plan organized just right!

You'll feel fully supported during the six weeks of our class together.



Increase Your Income With A Powerful Marketing Plan

The 39-page Essential Marketing Plan Workbook is part of the registration fee and you will be able to download it free once class begins on March 24.

You will use this Marketing Plan Guide repeatedly to create your own annual and special launch marketing campaigns, year after year!

(Keep a blank copy for yourself for future use. This is the same planning guide I use for all my marketing campaigns. It will provide you with a system and a structure for times when you need to think about marketing.)

Length of Workshop

This webinar meets for one hour each week, for six weeks.

All classes are 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM eastern.


This workshop is offered via live webinar format with me.

Webinars are live workshops that are given over the internet, where you can interact with me and the other participants. Webinars are a great way to learn, because you can learn from the convenience of your home or office.

Can't be in front of a computer but still want to listen to the class live? Great! You can either participate in the live webinar through your computer, or you can dial-in to the audio portion of the live class through our teleconference line using your phone or Skype.

The live webinar sessions will be recorded, so if you miss a session, you will be able to download the video and audio recording of the class and listen to it at your leisure. Webinar class recordings are generally made available within 48 hours of the class date.

What Students Say...

Nancy Wells

Great class! Lots of information structured to develop your marketing plan as you learn while getting your questions and concerns answered by an expert!

—Nancy Wells
Heirloom & Couture

About The Instructor

Karyn Greenstreet

Hi, I'm Karyn Greenstreet, a small business consultant and self-employment expert. I have owned five businesses since 1981 and I love to share my knowledge and experience with you.

I have been designing and teaching classes for 25 years and have taught business and personal development topics to over 280,000 students worldwide. I look forward to seeing you in class!


Registration Fees (In US Dollars)

$279 for the six-week class.

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How To Register

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View our Calendar for current classes being offered.

What Students Say...

I wanted to thank you for an awesome class! Your passion for your business is apparent in the energy you exude in your presentation. Who would have thought that spending 6 hours learning about marketing could be fun? I enjoyed the whole time and came away feeling motivated to implement the ideas you taught us. Your thorough step-by-step explanation of the marketing planning process is so helpful.

—Patricia Carr
Ducks In A Row Professional Organizing

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What Students Say...

Geraldine Morel

I wanted to congratulate you and thank you for offering us this amazing class. I believe this has been the best one I have attended so far. You are so generous and positive, your comments and student resource website are of amazing support. I have already mentioned you as a reference in my marketing coaching teleclass, and some people backed me up on the fact that, Karyn, you are amazing.

—Geraldine Morel
Business Performance Coach

What Students Say...

Linda Kolker

Thank you for your thorough, knowledgeable and informative presentation. I've been working with the web since 1996, doing marketing and web copy with high tech companies -- and I learned terrific new things from you.

—Linda Kolker

What Students Say...

Helga Matzko

Karyn is deeply knowledgeable, vibrant, and sincere in all her work. She manages to reduce successfully a multi-faceted and complex issue like Marketing Planning to six classes, covering every aspect in nuanced detail. This includes pricing and fail-safe ways to test marketing strategies to assure successful results. Throughout this whole learning process, Karyn is constantly interacting with the students, asking questions and providing clear and relevant examples for clarifications. Thank you, Karyn.

—Helga Matzko
President, Gestalt Institute of Rhode Island