Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

Passion For Business believes in maintaining your privacy on the Internet.

We love the Internet. Through it, you can research information, shop, learn, discuss, and generally share with others. But some folks find that sharing your private information with others is a lucrative market, a chance to earn money (and land junk e-mail in your InBox!).

Your privacy is important to us.

This is our statement, our promise to you:

  • We will not rent or trade your email address to anyone.
  • You have complete control over subscribing or un-subscribing to our email newsletter.
  • If you order a product or service from us, we will not share your personal information with anyone except those working with Passion For Business, LLC to ship your product or perform the service you ordered.
  • Our online ordering is on a secure server so your information is private and safe. Our e-commerce shopping cart is PCI compliant and "Hacker Safe" rated.
  • If you register for a workshop, we will share your email address with the instructor so that he/she may keep in contact with you during the length of the workshop.
  • We do track site statistics, but they are only show us total visitor stats about how many people use our site per month, and do not track any personal information and/or clicks.
  • We will maintain client confidentiality to the full extent allowed by law. We honor the client's confidence, and do not discuss our sessions with others. Both parties agree to a foundation of honesty, trust and respect and understand that your ultimate well-being is the central focus of the relationship.

Now, a note about our privacy:

We ask that you do not share our email address to others, add it to a marketing email list, or add it to your email newsletter list without our express permission. If you think someone would be interested in our web site, tell them our web address:

Our complete site is copyrighted; and registered with the United States Copyright office (#TXU1-304-190). Please do not take our material and use it on your site, or in any other way distribute it. If you'd like to use our material, please email us for written permission.

Enjoy our web site!

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