The Art of Networking and Referrals

Are you looking for more customers?

One of the most powerful ways to get your needs met and help others at the same time is through networking and word-of-mouth referrals.

In this audio, Karyn Greenstreet shares tips and techniques for effective networking, including ideas for a face-to-face and online referrals. This highly-interactive audio gives you a chance to practice some fun and easy networking techniques.

Walk away with a plan and some great resources!

The Art of Networking & Referrals Audio

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Karyn's Comments

Karyn Greenstreet

For 12 years I was a wedding photographer, which meant that 70 times a year I'd go to large gatherings of people I didn't know. I had two choices: stand against the wall during the reception and just observe the people, or mingle around taking photos and chatting with people. The latter seemed like a better way to go about things, eh?

First I had to get over my natural shyness (Truly! I wasn't always this gregarious!) I read some books on networking, and while weddings weren't really a "networking opportunity," I knew I could meet thousands of people a year by simply saying hello, and perhaps they'd remember me when it was time for their photography needs.

The first year was excruciating. I wasn't very good at casual conversation and it plain felt weird talking to strangers. But with time and practice it became more comfortable...and successful.

Today I apply this skill in a business setting, easily going to conferences and association meetings and striking up conversation with strangers. Some people are born with the "I can talk to anyone" gene (my grandmother was like that), but for those of us for whom networking doesn't come easily, this audio is dedicated to you.

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What Clients Say...

Helga Matzko

I am going to a Rhode Island & Massachusetts business meeting tomorrow evening and re-read your transcript on The Art of Networking. Fantastic! All the possibilities are covered, no matter what twists and turns might present themselves. I feel so much more confident and prepared.

—Helga Matzko
President, Gestalt Institute of Rhode Island