A Dozen Ways to Build Your Mailing List

Here are 12 ways to increase your mailing list quickly and easily

Email marketing is the BEST way to connect with people who are interested in your products and services. Building a mailing list should be your #1 internet marketing goal, because once someone has expressed interest in hearing from you, they are eager to learn more about your business.

Increasing your list size increases your relationship with your customers and prospects. In this teleclass recording:

  • we review 12 of the most popular and effective techniques
  • share with you our do's and don'ts for list building and list management
The Art of Networking & Referrals Audio

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Karyn's Comments

Karyn Greenstreet

This audio program came out of my own desire to increase my mailing list. While some of my friends had mailing lists of 80,000, I was "stuck" with just a few thousand. I couldn't get past this ceiling and it made me crazy.

So I started talking to people, reading books, doing anything to learn the secrets of building a mailing list. If other people could do it, so could I...I just had to find the techniques they were using and apply it to my own business.

I'm happy to report that through using these 12 techniques, I can build my mailing list by 300-500 new subscribers per month. Some of the techniques you can do right at your own desk, while others require you to get out of the office and see the sunshine once in a while. But all of them work, and used together, create a tour de force in list-building that will help you grow your email marketing campaigns and thus your business.

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What Clients Say...

Claudia Heilbrunn, CTACC

I just listened to your A Dozen Ways to Build Your Mailing List audio, and am so glad I did!

I always learn so much from your classes, and I always have so much to do once I hear them. You have provided me with the next steps for building my mailing list.

I really appreciate all of your knowledge and your willingness to share so much!

—Claudia Heilbrunn, CTACC
Claudia Ink Tutoring