Stop Self-Sabotaging Your Small Business Success

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Do you feel like you’re running in place and getting nowhere in your business? Do you know what you should be doing but can’t seem to find the motivation to move forward?

The problems of self-sabotage are deeper than "action" or "motivation." There are personal undercurrents that affect EVERY self-employed person.

Learn how pinpointing and turning around your own self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors can change your motivation and action levels, catapulting you forward into business success.

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Here is what you will learn:

  • What are the stages of motivation and growth
  • How to determine what's really holding you back
  • How to turn yourself around with a quick and easy technique
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Karyn's Comments

Karyn Greenstreet

Even now, after all these years of success, there are times when I get stuck, or where my thoughts and beliefs lead me down the path of business failure...or at least, business inactivity.

I've worked with thousands of clients and students. Some have been wildly successful while others can't seem to make their business happen at all. I soon realized that our own beliefs, our own thoughts, and our own self-sabotaging behavior was the culprit.

Coaching schools and success gurus teach us that, if we can manage our thoughts and beliefs, if we know what we truly value in life, we can stop self-sabotaging behavior. They often suggest affirmations as a way of changing your mind-set.

But for many, affirmations feel "false" somehow. Writing an affirmation like, "I am a successful business owner with $500,000 in annual revenue" might feel like what we want, but deep inside us we know that this affirmation isn't true (at least, it's not true YET).

So what do you do when your affirmations don't ring true to you and your thoughts, emotions and beliefs manifest in self-sabotage?

I've found a great technique for overcoming self-sabotage and in this audio I share it with you. To this very day, I use it myself, and I can generally turn around my "stuck" places within a matter of hours using it. I know you'll find it helpful, too.

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What Clients Say...

Joa Marcu

I always feel like I am always getting so much from you all. Your generosity has me hooked for an indefinite amount of time. I suppose for a successful business that you so exquisitely model, this is how customers should always feel.

—Joa Marcu
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