Creating Small Business Websites that Grab Attention

Learn to plan a business website that SIZZLES and SELLS!

Your website can be a wonderful marketing and educational tool. But what makes a small business owner’s website great?

Come learn the basics of what you should know to add polish and professionalism to your small business website, everything from the message you deliver to the psychology of the colors you use.

Whether you design your own site or hire someone to do it for you, this information-packed class is for you!

The Art of Networking & Referrals Audio

1-hour audio file (MP3 format), downloadable.

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Here is what you will learn:

  • Create a compelling vision for your website so that your visitors will stick around and buy.
  • Use technology to help visitors find your website.
  • Market your website to attract the right buyers.
  • Track the success of your site so that you know what works and what doesn't.
  • Talk "techie" with your website designer. Learn what all those technical words mean, in plain English. Never feel like a fool again.  

Plus a PDF handout with resources just for you.

In addition to the downloadable audio training program, you'll also receive an electronic workbook in PDF format, that gives you website examples of all the topics discussed in the audio, plus a list of online resources.

The Art of Networking Referals eBook

You get instant access to this great downloadable audio learning program, and the workbook, for just $27!

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What Clients Say...

This was all new to me. I appreciated the systematic way in which the process was revealed. You took the guesswork out of what should come first. This class was extremely helpful and was a wonderful addition to your Internet marketing class that I took. Thank you so much. Awesome.

—Mark Chambers

Karyn's Comments

Karyn Greenstreet

I designed my first website in 1997, just a few years after the web browser software was born. (I was addicted to CompuServe before the web browser was born, so you could say I've been on the Internet since the beginning of it all.) There weren't any books or classes on website design at that time so I created a website that seemed easy-to-read and easy-to-navigate and hoped for the best. Luckily my years as a professional photographer and instructional designer helped me have an "eye" for what made a good visitor experience.

Fast-forward 5 years: I had been working as a small business coach and my clients all wanted websites. But they didn't know what made a "good" website versus a "bad" one. I began to compile a Website Planning Guide to use with them, to walk them through the process. I shared some best practices in website design, including content, layout and color choices. Then I began giving speeches on this same topic. Imagine a room full of 300 people all wanting to make a website that would appeal to their potential customers! And with each speech I'd hear more questions that needed answers, more horror stories, and more success stories, too.

I designed "Creating Small Business Websites That Grab Attention" from those speeches. This one-hour audio and workbook will give you an overview of what your website should contain and some of the pitfalls to avoid.

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What Clients Say...

Donna Daisy

The EmpowermentU website required a tremendous amount of intricate programming, autoresponders, etc. which were totally new to me, but Karyn's coaching, wisdom, resources, and vast knowledge of how to make things work have been a key factor in the creation of this new program. Karyn is not just knowledgeable - - she is very generous with her information.

—Donna Daisy
Owner, EmpowermentU

What Clients Say...

Paula Gregorowicz

Karyn's class taught me as much about web design in 4 weeks as my last 10 years working in the web design & development industry. Jam packed it is a MUST have for any solo business professional. I was able to intentionally and efficiently redesign my website. Once I launched it the new site instantly generated more results for me in terms of new prospects and customers.

—Paula Gregorowicz
The Paula G Company

What Clients Say...

Linda Kolker

Thank you for your thorough, knowledgeable and informative presentation. I've been working with the web since 1996, doing web architecture and web copy with high tech companies -- and I learned terrific new things from you.

—Linda Kolker