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Teleclass with guest Doreen Amatelli

About The Teleclass Recording

Effective business decisions are often based on solid market research. Learning about the needs, behaviors and motivations of your customers can reduce your business risk.

If you are exploring a potential new business or operate a small business and want to grow your share of the market, come and learn the role market research can play in your business.

Get an overview of key techniques such as the internet, focus groups, personal interviews, and surveys to gather information on your market. Learn how to interpret market research findings and translate them into action.


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About Doreen Amatelli

With over 15 years experience with major corporations and consulting firms in marketing research, marketing and finance, Doreen helps marketing organizations make the most effective business decisions. She is an experienced market researcher and moderator with a strong qualitative and quantitative background in various industries such as pharmaceutical, IT/telecommunications and small business.

Doreen has directed over 70 qualitative and quantitative marketing research projects and conducted over 500 one-on-one interviews and focus groups.


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