Frank Scarpaci

Introduction to Successful Project Planning

Teleclass with guest Frank G. Scarpaci

About The Teleclass Recording

If you are self-employed or own a small business, you know that your success depends on your ability to adapt to change while delivering the right results - on time and within budget. Not an easy task in today's fast-paced, competitive business environment, with evolving customer demands, new competitors, and pressure to do more with less.

Do any of these experiences sound familiar?

  • You spent time and money on what you thought was a great idea for a new service or product, only to realize it's not what your customers wanted.
  • You spend too much of your time putting out fires rather than preventing them.
  • Your competitor comes up with a brilliant idea – one you have been contemplating for a while but never got around to doing. Ouch!
  • Your to-do list is huge and you are completely overwhelmed with how you'll get it all done.
  • You spend all your time "in" your business rather than "on" your business.

If so, you are not alone. These are a few examples of common frustrations business owners experience at one time or another. So, the question is: How can you eliminate these frustrations and keep up with all the demands?

Even if you can't afford to hire a professional project manager, you can learn project management tools and integrate them into the way you run your business. Don't make the mistake of assuming that project management is cumbersome, time consuming, and irrelevant. On the contrary: principles of project management include valuable and effective tools that yield exceptional results that are simple and easy to use.

In this workshop will introduce you to the key elements of a simple project plan that will help you achieve project success.

About Frank Scarpaci

Frank G. Scarpaci is Principal of Project Designworks, a project, event, and organizational development firm. His experience and expertise includes project and event management, project leader coaching and mentoring, operations management, employee development, board development, and strategic business planning.

Frank has a Certificate in Project Management from San Diego State University.

Some of the organizations he has worked and consulted with include: American Express, San Diego Performing Arts League, San Diego Youth & Community Services, Fenway Community Health Center, Boston Conservatory, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego Human Dignity Foundation, and Alliance Healthcare Foundation. In additional to his consulting work, Frank delivers project management workshops for the Center for Nonprofit Management in Los Angeles and Nonprofit Management Solutions in San Diego.


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