Susan Klein

Stress Makes Us Stupid

Teleclass with guest Susan Klein

About The Teleclass

When we are stressed we cannot remember, attend to, learn, or make decisions clearly. By determining what triggers our negative and often stressful emotions and learning how to better manage our reactions, we become more effective and resilient.

In order to successfully "manage stress," and therefore become more creative and productive, we need to understand the causes of stress and learn tools and techniques to better manage our reactions.

We will learn:

  • What is stress- internal and external
  • Tools to deal with stress
  • The Neurophysiology - how we are wired, how stress can make us stupid
  • Attitude is everything- how to reframe stress

About Susan Klein

Susan Klein, Master Certified Coach, is passionate about coaching. She is founder and president of Success Technologies, Inc., an international coaching firm specializing partnering with people to produce high impact results – both professional and personal.

For over15 years, Susan has been providing coaching services, workshops, and transformational training for corporations, executives, small business owners and health and legal professionals so they get the results they want quicker, with less struggle, while having balance in their lives.

Susan was one of the founders of Coach U and was on the team that launched the International Coach Federation.

Along with two colleagues, she developed a cutting-edge workshop on using the competencies of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace and in life. She also has published a booklet titled "Simple Tips for the Over-Committed, Over-scheduled Person."

Susan has been called "Palm Beach's answer to Dr. Phil" by channel 5 TV in Palm Beach County, where she has made several guest appearances.

Success Technologies Inc. offers the following:

  • New CD: Stress Makes Us Stupid: Stay Cool, Clear and Creative in Challenging Circumstances
  • The Emotionally Intelligent Organization- A Coach Approach™
  • Coaching for the manager, executive, business owner and coaches mentoring

Susan Klein, Master Certified Coach

Business and Executive Coaching

Taking the struggle out of business while enhancing performance.


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