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Karyn Greenstreet is a small business coach and self-employment expert. She helps small business owners with business and marketing strategies to increase revenue and decrease overwhelm.


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Rules for Critique:

  • Don't go along with the pack. Just because others say one thing doesn't mean you have to agree with them. Have your own opinion.
  • Be specific. What exactly do you like or dislike, and why?
  • Ask yourself: how does my initial viewing of this site affect me? What are my first, instinctual responses?


What search engines see:


Critique Sites:



Facilitated Learning Inc


Creative Changes

Creative Changes (site no longer live)

Cubicle Detox

Cubicle Detox (site no longer live)

The Reasonable Diet


Red Path Coaching


Networking Excellence


Craig Jennings


Better Than Ever Coaching


Tut Group

Wellness Designs (site no longer live)

Wellness Designs


Your Achievement Coach


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