Webinar FAQ

How do I join the webinar?

A day before class begins, we will email you a link to the webinar website. Simply click that link and follow the instructions. The link will clearly be labeled, "Click here to access the live webinar."

We will also give you a dial-in phone number, in case you prefer to list via your phone or Skype, instead of listening online.

How early should I arrive?

I recommend you access the webinar website 2 to 3 minutes before the webinar begins. We will begin exactly at the top of the hour, so arrive early so you don't miss any of the class content.

Can I listen on my computer?

Yes, one way you can listen to the audio portion of the webinar is by using the webinar link. Then you can watch and listen via your computer.

Can I listen via phone or Skype?

If you are not going to be near your computer, or if you have low internet speeds, you can listen to the audio portion of the webinar through our teleconference line. You can access the teleconference line either through your phone or Skype. We will send you the dial-in information when we send you the webinar link.

When I try to connect to the conference using Skype, it keeps asking me to enter my PIN/Passcode but won't let me enter it.

Here's the way Skype works with entering PINs and passcodes: The PIN must be entered within Skype's dial pad, which is hidden by default. To display this option, please click on "Call" at the top of the Skype window and then on "Show Dial Pad". This window will now enable you to enter in your meeting PIN.

Please note that the "Show Dial Pad" option will only appear once Skype is connected; you will not see this option unless a Skype call is in progress.

How can I have the best quality experience watching the webinar on my computer?

Webinars are essentially audio PLUS video, and can take up a lot of computer resources. I recommend that you close all other software applications that are running (close your email, word processor, and any additional tabs you have open in your browser, like social media websites or video sites) to free up your computer resources.

Also, make sure you are not uploading or downloading anything during the webinar, so that the audio and video can use your internet bandwidth to give you an acceptable experience.

What are the hardware and software requirements to attend the webinar?

You must have Adobe FlashPlayer enabled in your browser to watch this webinar.

PLEASE TEST to see if you have the latest version of FlashPlayer (and to see if it's enabled on your browser) here:


You can get the latest version of FlashPlayer here: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

Please see our comment below if you are using a mobile device to watch the video.

Can I watch it on an iPad or Mobile device?

  • Apple's iPhone and iPad users  - MeetingBurner offer a free mobile app that will enable you to connect to the webinar. Just search for "MeetingBurner" in the App Store, install the free app, and then connect to the meeting with the meeting ID, located in the email we sent you.
  • For Android users -- no special app is necessary. The meeting can be launched from the webinar link in the email.

I can't attend at the date/time of the live webinar. How do I watch the recording?

If you can't make it to the live webinar, our webinars are recorded. After we edit and process the recording, we will send you a link within 24 hours of the live webinar so that you can watch the recording.

It seems like the slides are updating slowly on my screen. What can I do?

Typically, stability and webinar quality are impacted by computer resources and/or internet connectivity.

We highly recommend that you limit what programs are running while you are watching a webinar.

Also, if you are connected wirelessly, you will likely see a significant improvement in your experience if you connect through a wired connection to your modem or router.

Bandwidth with your internet connection can also be problematic, so if you are using a VoIP connection, such as Skype or an IP-phone through your internet, this can use a lot of your internet bandwidth.

The sound is breaking up. What can I do?

First, make sure all your other software is closed, especially any software that will be uploading or downloading content. This includes other websites, such as social media websites, YouTube, etc.

If that doesn't solve the problem, use your telephone or Skype to dial into the teleconference line (and turn off your computer speakers so that you can hear the class through your telephone).

What time will the webinar be in my time zone?

Check the email you received to remind you what time the webinar starts. The webinar start time is always listed in "eastern" time zone (New York City time zone).

Then go to http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/  to find out what that time zone conversion is for YOUR area of the world.

How long does the webinar last?

Each webinar session is typically 60 minutes long.

Can I ask questions in the webinar?

Yes, absolutely, I love to answer your question! When you have a question, just click on the Ask A Question button at the top of your webinar screen. (Note: do not type your questions in the "chat" box. I will not be monitoring the chat box during the webinar. Use the Ask A Question area instead.)

Do I need a microphone?

No, you will not need a microphone. All participants will be muted during the webinar so that the sound quality of the teacher is at its best. If you have a question or comment for the teacher, use the Ask A Question button.

Can I chat with the other attendees during the webinar?

Yes! Use the Chat Box to talk to the other participants. During the webinar, our Moderator will be watching the chat box, and if you have any questions for him, you can contact him using the Chat Box.

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