Is Your Website Optimized to Produce
the Results You Want?

A Website Optimization Review can help you grow your business by:

  • Creating an organized plan for improving your website
  • Determining why your website isn't producing results
  • Design tips to make your site as an effective marketing tool
  • Suggestions for making your website seen and indexed effectively by search engines
  • Increase your traffic
  • Creating optimal visitor ease-of-use, so that visitors will stay on your site longer
  • Get visitors to take the desired action (buy a product, call you about your services, etc.)

Your Website Optimization Review includes a written report with the summary of findings, concrete suggestions for optimizing your website, and a 30-minute phone consultation to review the findings.

Your Website Optimization Review includes a review of (and tips how you can improve) the following:

  • Website graphics and page layout
  • Navigation and visitor usability
  • Psychology of color
  • Overview of how search engines see your website and tips for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Overview of marketing text within your site
  • Consistent use of elements within your site
  • Identification of technical errors within your site
  • Browser consistency - your website works correctly in ALL browsers
  • How well your site functions as a marketing tool

Website Optimization Reviews start at $450.

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Additional Website Review Services

You can also include with your review:

  • Website Statistics Review - looks for trends and problem spots. We'll let you know how much "real" traffic you are getting, whether search engines are indexing your site on a regular basis, and whether your site is "sticky" enough (do people stick around and actually read your site). We'll also let you know if your website statistics software package is flexible and adequate enough for a small business owner; many are not.
  • SEO Review - does your website rank well in the search engines? We will thoroughly review your site with your keywords in mind, test to see how you rank on search engines, and make specific suggestions for how you can update your website so that you can rank better.

Please note that we do not analyze one-page "sales letter" style websites.

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