Internet Marketing Consulting

Many small business owners fail with their online marketing efforts because they fail to create a cohesive, integrated plan or they fail to properly implement the plans they have.

Having an integrated and cohesive marketing plan allows each marketing technique to support the others, thereby creating a synergy of branding and growth for your business.

Internet Marketing Consulting can include:

  • Plan for a new website or a face-lift for an existing site
  • Determine why your website is not bringing in business
  • Design an effective email marketing campaign
  • Discuss the use of SEO and paid online advertising, and walk step-by-step through the set-up process
  • Determine where social media fits into your internet marketing mix
  • Learn the pros and cons of using the 40+ different internet marketing techniques and choosing the right ones for you and your audience

Because it's so important to create an integrated Internet marketing strategy that really will bring in business, get advice and mentoring from people who are already successful Internet Marketing experts. I've been successfully operating and marketing businesses and website via the Internet since 1994 -- and I continue to study it every single day.

Need a bit of proof?

Go to Google and type in small business consulting or small business coaching. There are over 153 million and 72 million results that come up respectively for those two keyword phrases. The Passion For Business website always comes up in the first page (Top 10) of results.

What Clients Say...

Bob Egan

We had a strategic plan in place but we were not effectively executing it. Karyn immediately focused us on our ideal target market and then gave us a solid game plan to begin to communicate client benefits instead of being 'all about us.'

The result has been a first class website that our clients and prospects connect with, a marketing calendar that is sensible, affordable and effective (including targeted direct mail and educational email broadcasts) and, most importantly, a method for us to consistently and persistently market to a more narrow target market. I recommend Karyn's no nonsense, practical approach to helping companies achieve the profitable, sustainable growth we all work so hard to achieve!

—Bob Egan
Chairman and CEO, Egan Sign

What Clients Say...

Paula Gregorowicz

I hired Passion For Business to work with me on SEO for my website. In only 30 days I went from not even appearing anywhere in search results for my chosen keywords, to appearing on the first page! While SEO isn't magic, Karyn's expertise easily and effortlessly allowed me to hone into a strategy that made sense for me and my business and implement that strategy powerfully and effectively. With the better search ranking I more than doubled my traffic from Google alone in under 3 months.

—Paula Gregorowicz
The Paula G Company

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What Clients Say...

Nancy Giere

Working with Aly allows me to stay focused on growing my business. I can set a goal, like 'increase my search engine rankings,' and know that I have technical expert with the knowledge and expertise to make my goals a reality. He also brings new ideas and options to the table that I didn't know existed. I no longer have to spend time doing technical research. I feel confident that Aly will keep me informed of current trends and new options to consider. Plus his communication skills and responsiveness make it easy to use internet marketing in my business.

—Nancy Giere

Mastermind Group Facilitator Training

Mastermind Group Facilitator Training

The success of your mastermind group hinges on YOU!

Are you ready to make your mastermind group GREAT by becoming a better group facilitator?

Help your members create success by taking your facilitation skills to a whole new level.

The live video conference class begins October 26, 2020.

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