Weighing ScalesWhat's the Difference Between a Small Business Coach and a Consultant?

By Karyn Greenstreet

Like a sports coach, a small business coach works on bringing out the best that's already inside you. In small business coaching, we focus on the "bigger picture" of what it is you want to create for your business (and your lifestyle), and talk about what will keep you motivated to move forward on your dreams, goals and tasks. We focus on developing YOU to your highest potential, as well as developing your business. We encourage you, support you, applaud you, empathize with you. We help you to discover honest insights into where things aren't working. We help you tap the "wisdom within." 

The net result of small business coaching is that you create a fool-proof plan for moving forward, and your coach partners with you to support you in actualizing that plan in your self-employed business. 

What Clients Say...

Ellen Faye

After struggling for two years trying to develop a growth plan for my Professional Organizing business, I hired Karyn as my small business coach. It wasn't always an easy process, but now - three months later, I have a very solid plan and more importantly vision for myself and my business. Through the process Karyn balanced support with direction and the ever-present thought provoking question. With her wealth of knowledge and her depth of experience there was never a business question I had that she didn't have an answer to. Thank You, Karyn.

--Ellen Faye
Ellen Faye Organization

In consulting for the self employed, I come to the partnership as an expert, whether it be in small business marketing, website planning, business model strategies, or increasing your reach and revenue. I teach you skills, like better time management or better Internet marketing techniques. After careful discussion and analysis of what results you're looking to achieve, we create an action plan together. 

The focus of consulting is to increase your reach and revenue, create stable revenue streams, and get things done without feeling overwhelmed.

There is a good analogy that illustrates the difference between a small business coach and a consultant:

  • A business coach will help you understand how and why you ride a bicycle, help you to determine what's holding you back from riding properly, and jog along next to you as YOU ride.
  • A business consultant will explain why one bike is superior to another, teach you how to ride the bike, and if necessary, ride the bike for you.

Which one is best for you is based on your needs and values, as well your time constraints and deadlines.

I work with my clients in "hybrid" mode, as a coach and as a consultant. This means that I offer you the best of both professions: advice and expertise when you need it, motivation and brainstorming when you're stuck, insight to build you and your business to your highest potential.

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What Clients Say...

Sandy Hogan, PCC

Karyn helped me design my website, for which I have received consistent positive feedback. She bolstered my confidence about the daunting proposition of creating the site, as well as developing a brand. She has a keen business sense and exceptional follow-through. She is skilled at helping clients refine their needs and meet their goals. Karyn's the real thing, a savvy technical and small business professional, with a strong spiritual connection to herself, to her clients and to their growing visions of themselves. I'm lucky to be one of them. 

--Sandy Hogan, PCC
Expansive Living

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Karyn Greenstreet is a small business consultant and mastermind group expert. She shares tips, techniques and strategies with self-employed people to increase revenue and reach, create a clear business vision and plan, and implement it without feeling overwhelmed. Visit her website at www.PassionForBusiness.com

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