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By Karyn Greenstreet

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We live in a society that says, "The more you do, the more successful you are." Blame it on the Puritan Work Ethic. We rush to get our family ready in the morning, rush to work, rush to get our job done so that we can rush home and go to soccer practice (Girl Scouts, skating practice, business meetings, dinners with friends, you name it).

Thousands, millions, of people are unhappy with their lives. They feel their life lacks meaning and purpose. They want more in their life. Maybe they want to start their own business, or start a family. Some want to be more involved with their church. Others simply want more time to read a good book. Many are searching for passion and purpose in their lives -- the reason they were put on Earth.

It's hard to find time to listen to that quiet inner voice when you're life is completely full. Instead of adding more things to your life in order to find fulfillment, consider this -- what are you willing to get rid of?

Until you create room in your life where the quiet voice of Spirit can dwell, your life will feel empty and meaningless. Until you create a life that's not completely filled to the brim, how can you attract something new into it?

Back in the early 90's, after a happy single life, I decided that I was ready for a more serious, long-term relationship. My life, however, was incredibly full already - a full-time day job, a part-time job as a wedding photographer (every weekend!), friends, family, craft projects, devouring fiction books nightly, and four cats. My apartment -- and my life -- was jam-packed and overflowing.

I decided to look for a house. I didn't look for a small house for one person. I looked for a large house, at least 3 bedrooms, and enough physical space for 2 people to live comfortably. I cut back on my wedding photography schedule. I cut back on my volunteer work, and I cut back on friendships where I was doing all the work to keep the friendship alive. I created space in my life, physically, emotionally and spiritually, for a special relationship to enter. Within one year of buying my new home and changing my life, I met my husband-to-be. Coincidence? I think not!

So, consider this: If you have something special you'd like to add to your life, if you would like to discover your purpose and passion in life, what can you let go of in order to create the physical and emotional space for this new life?

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