Small Business Coaching & Mentoring

Small business coaching is professional and personal development to promote continuous growth and strength. It's about creating motivation and success in your business, and as a natural extension, your whole life.

Just as sports figures and corporate executives have a coach to help them achieve their best, a small business coach helps you achieve your peak performance as a self-employed small business owner.

Your small business coach helps you to move forward: clarifying your goals, creating a strategy for completing those goals, and having a support framework in place to lead you towards a successful life. It's about achieving more, in less time. To learn more about coaching, read How Coaching Works and the Small Business Coaching FAQ.

If you'd like to learn more about the differences between coaching and consulting, read our article: What's the Difference Between a Small Business Coach and a Consultant? This will help you to determine if you need our coaching services, our consulting services, or a mixture of the two.

Select from topic areas below to explore more about small business coaching for the self employed:

  • How Small Business Coaching Works - In each session, we'll focus on one or more areas in your life where you'd like to change and grow. 
  • Self-test to see if you're ready for coaching.
  • Small Business Coaching - Your success depends largely on creating a vision, designing a plan, then following-through. It also depends on doing the "right" thing for you personally, and about creating spaciousness where creativity and connections can happen. Small Business Coaching is for those who are self-employed, to help you stay focused and motivated, and create results.
  • Mentor Coaching for Coaches - A mentor coach can help you gain clarity and create a plan for creating an exciting and vibrant coaching practice.
  • Small Business Coaching Programs - find the plan that's right for you!

What Clients Say...

Wendy Pitts Reeves, L.C.S.W.

As an experienced psychotherapist with a thriving private practice, I felt I already knew a fair amount about running a business. However in my efforts to transition to a focus on professional speaking, I was lost. With Karyn, I've had dozens of a-ha! moments, where she's offered ideas that seemed so simple, and yet were stunningly practical and helpful. In fact, from our very first 'free consultation' phone call, I've been quite literally blown away by the power, passion and practicality of what she offers.

In every single conversation, I am challenged not only to believe in the power of my own possibility, but to give form and structure to what had only been ideas and dreams before. Having her as an accountability partner helps keep me on track. Having access to the resources and experience she carries around in her head has been an invaluable business tool. Having her understand what I care most about has been reaffirming. Having her believe in me has been empowering.

I receive so much in each call, in fact, that I've learned to clear my schedule afterwards just to have time to absorb it all.

The real beauty of Karyn's gift lies in her uncanny ability to balance the nuts and bolts of business with the spiritual depth that gives all of our work its meaning and purpose. With her help, my speaking business is taking form, revenues are increasing, and I am clearer than I've ever been about my own purpose in life: that of encouraging and empowering women and girls in every way I can. Karyn has done that very thing for me, and with her continued help, I hope to do the same for others. I am better for knowing her, and for that I am very, very grateful.

—Wendy Pitts Reeves, L.C.S.W.
Professional Speaker, Consultant and Psychotherapist
Cove Mountain Counseling

What Clients Say...

Terry Viney

In the world of business, lots of services are available but I found that working with Passion for Business, I not only got excellent service but I also got positive business results. Thank you so much. You are my MVP and so good at what you do. Thanks, Karyn, for all you have done for me.

—Terry Viney
The Plus Factor

Ready to hire a small business consultant?Ready to take action and build your business?

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Mastermind Group Facilitator Training

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Ready to build your business?

Ready to take action and build your business?

Let's set up a 30-minute conversation to determine which of my business-building programs is right for you and your unique business situation.

Call today to schedule an appointment:

(610) 381-4332 or
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What Clients Say...

Sandy Hogan, PCC

Karyn helped me design my website, for which I have received consistent positive feedback. She bolstered my confidence about the daunting proposition of creating the site, as well as developing a brand. She has a keen business sense and exceptional follow-through. She is skilled at helping clients refine their needs and meet their goals. Karyn's the real thing, a savvy technical and small business professional, with a strong spiritual connection to herself, to her clients and to their growing visions of themselves. I'm lucky to be one of them. 

--Sandy Hogan, PCC
Expansive Living