Accountability Begins at Home

Posted by on Jun 30 2009

I’m always nagging my clients about being accountable: doing what they say they’re going to do and running their businesses according to their personal values. Now it’s time to turn the tables!

This is my desk. It’s a great desk. It does exactly what I need it to do, and never complains.


But I’ve neglected it for two weeks, just kept piling papers on top of papers. No excuse, really. Just lazy.

Today is “Clean My Desk Before It Rebels Day.”

It’s now 1:45 PM eastern. I promise you, by 4:00 PM eastern, this desk will be SPOTLESS! All tasks completed, all papers corralled, everything in its proper home. Heck, I’ll even give it a dusting off, too, just for good measure.

This is what I posted on Facebook and Twitter, asking my social media friends to help me be accountable: “Time me. If I don’t complete this task, ridicule me. Nag me. Don’t let me off the hook!”


It’s 3:50 and I’m done! Thanks for all your support!

You can see the whole process, start to finish, here.



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