It’s Raining Spam (Again)!

Posted by on Aug 09 2007

Have you noticed more spam than normal lately? If so, it’s not a figment of your imagination. According to this article in The Red Tape Chronicles, spammers have found a new way to annoy you: PDF attachments and “You’ve Got A Postcard” emails.

Some spammers are sending emails with PDF attachments, in hopes that the PDF attachment will get past spam filters (unlike executable files, which most spam filters will catch). Other spammers are pretending that you have an electronic greeting card from someone. This one is actually quite clever because we’ve been trained to open these sorts of messages from legitimate people sending us online greeting cards.

The good news is that we’re seeing less of “image spam,” those emails that contain just a graphic touting a product, site or stock. Images used to be able to get around the spam filters because the filters can not read the text in images. But spam filters got smart and said, “Hey, if an email only contains one image and no surrounding text, it’s probably spam.”

If it helps you to feel more in control, check out Symantec’s blog and their monthly “Spam Report“.


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