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#1. Authority. In the business of coaching, WHO you are as a coach, your philosophy, and credentials are of the utmost importance to prospective clients. While you do have a “The Coaches” page, it doesn’t have the power and focus it could have because there are too many options on the page. People have to choose between learning about Allan, about Barbara, seeing testimonials, and scheduling a complimentary session. A confused mind always says No and navigates away. Consider simplifying the choices; perhaps create a new page called “Success Stories” where you can house all your testimonials.

#2. Authority – Part II. Once you click through to About Allan or About Barbara, the information does not give the prospect a sense of who you are and what you’re about. It is a basic listing of credentials, education, people you’ve worked with, and hobbies. What about who you are and what makes you the right person for the prospective client? How can you make them feel more connected to you?

Consider a personal story or experience from your own life that drives home who you are and why you do what you do. Or expand the Life Changing Events section to really tell them what shaped you and why you are a coach.

#3. Benefits. Whenever a prospect visits a website, they want to know “What’s in it for me?” That is, what are the benefits to me of what you offer and why should I hire you over another coach.

On your home page you only ask two questions: “Would I Like to Have Someone Totally Committed to My Success?” and “Is Kenyon Coaching for Me? While both are great questions, the information is far too general and brief to offer a prospect any really feel for what you do and the benefits your coaching offers. Expand upon the content so it is personally compelling to the visitor and uniquely answers the question “What makes Kenyon Coaching different and what will it do for me?” Answer the question: “What IS attraction based coaching?”

#4. Your Library Page. Your library page renders fine in Internet Explorer. However, in Firefox and Netscape, it looks like this:

It’s critical that your website designer test your entire site using the most popular browser software: Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.

A consistent look and feel throughout your website is crucial not only for branding but also for user experience. It appears that the library is attempting to use a blog format for information. Either make the library consistent with the other pages, or call it a “blog” and use the built-in features with proven blog platforms (WordPress, Blogger, TypePad) to derive full benefit from these activities.

#5. Search Engine Optimization. You indicated that one of your keywords is “attraction based coaching.” However, on your home page, this text is inside a graphic. Search engines cannot read text inside graphics, so you lose the opportunity for SEO if you place your keywords inside of graphics.

Because much of your site is in Flash, search engines may have a hard time reading and indexing the text into their database. To see how search engines “see” your site, use this Search Engine Simulator.

Also, read our article, Getting Your Site Seen by Search Engines:

#6. Copywriting. There is not enough description on the site about what coaching is and how coaching can benefit the client.

Tucked away on the Contact page, you offer a motivational workshop. You need more text around this offer. Describe the workshop, who should attend, and what they will get from participating in the workshop.

Finally, you have a page devoted to your book, but it says “coming soon.” How soon? If you’re not ready to sell it, remove this page from your site until you really have something to offer.

#7. Overall Visual Impression. The visual impression is one of darkness, the dominant color being black, combined with vivid contrasting colors (red & yellow for text and graphics). Such high contrast gives a jarring visual impression.

The website color theme doesn’t psychologically match how you convey yourself in “The Coaches” section. Barbara describes herself as “happy, sensitive, intuitive, supportive, friendly, funny, down-to-earth, warm….” Allen describes himself as “motivational, sense of humor, positive and realistic, high standards, patient….”

Think about what colors and design convey these positive, warm, friendly and motivational qualities.

#8. Text Color. White text on a dark background is harder to read than dark text on a lighter background.

#9. Header Logo Size. The header logo takes up a large portion of the screen, especially at lower screen resolutions, so losing valuable space on the webpage to the graphic. Consider shrinking the size of the graphic to allow more marketing text to be seen “above the fold.”

#10. Navigation Bar. The navigation bar changes vertical and horizontal position between pages, which is visually distracting, as the bar appears to jump from page to page. Clicking on The Library link changes the theme, color and size of the graphics. Look for steady position and consistent navigation across all web pages.

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2 Responses to “Rate My Site: KenyonCoaching.com”

  1. Jess

    I couldn’t find enough information on this site to know if I’d want either of these two coaches as my coach. I like the title Ignite Your Life but then there is no follow-up to that to tell me how that might happen. What if I’m not ready for a free session, but I havea few basic questions? I would want a FAQ or something that answers my questions.

    30 Nov 2007 at 1:36 pm

  2. Robin Previn

    Do the Kenyons offer anything else besides coaching? Many coaches (and other service professionals) offer books, ebooks, audio programs, and classes. This might not apply to the Kenyons but if they do offer other services besides one-on-one coaching, it should be listed on their site.

    30 Nov 2007 at 2:28 pm

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